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Campus Pledge

This pledge was created by Carleton students who wanted to take a stand against sexual violence. The Carleton Policies Against Sexual Misconduct provide one level of expectations for us, but we, as students, need to take it to the next level. Sexual assault, rape, and other sexual misconduct is not OK and will not be tolerated here at Carleton, or anywhere.

  1. I will communicate to establish meaningful consent before and during sexual activity.
  2. I will interrupt conversations that promote a culture of sexual violence.
  3. I will intervene when I see my peers in potentially dangerous situations and when their judgment is impaired.
  4. I will hold myself and others accountable for our words and actions as members of a shared Carleton community.
  5. I will trust and affirm survivors and work to create a survivor supportive environment.
  6. I will recognize my power to shape and sustain healthy communities and relationships.