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Reporting Sexual Misconduct

If you have experienced sexual misconduct—including sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, or sexually inappropriate conduct—while a student at Carleton and would like to report the incident, you may pursue any of the options below.

Submitting a Community Concern Form
Filing an official complaint of sexual misconduct
Reporting your experience to the Northfield Police

You are encouraged to seek support from College support people regardless of whether you wish to report your experience at this time. You may speak confidentially with Student Health and Counseling counselors or the Chaplain, or may discuss your options with the Title IX Coordinator, another member of the Title IX Lead Team, or one of the SMS Advisers.

  • Filing a Community Concern Form

    You may inform the College about sexual harassment, assault, stalking, relationship abuse, another form of sexual misconduct, or concerning behavior by submitting a “Community Concern” form. **If you are an employee of the College who has been informed of an instance of sexual misconduct, this is the form you should complete.**
  • Student Complaint Process

    You may choose to file a complaint for violation of Carleton's Policies Against Sexual Misconduct. This will start the investigation and adjudication process.
  • Report to the Police

    You may choose at any time to pursue an external complaint of sexual harassment or sexual assault. This can happen separately, or at the same time as the Carleton Complaint Process.