If you are in crisis...

Take whatever of these steps you are comfortable with and make sense for your situation.

Ensure you are safe.

Carleton Security 507-222-4444
Northfield Police
911 (non-emergency: 507-645-4477)

If you are in immediate danger or feel unsafe, call Carleton Security or Northfield Police. Security can respond to an ongoing situation, provide a safety escort, drive you to the hospital, contact 911, and/or contact the on-call Dean or Student Health and Counseling Counselor through a paging system. You will be asked your name and number so that the dean or counselor can call you directly. If you are uncomfortable giving your name, a friend or support person can call for you.

CAASHA Peer Advocates 507-222-5710, go.carleton.edu/caasha

CAASHA advocates are students who are voluntarily available at any time of the day, and can help you through the steps of responding to a crisis. Click here for Advocate contact information.

Area Directors and RAs

Your Area Director or RA can also help you get immediate care. Friday and Saturday nights, every dorm has an RA on duty. The duty phone numbers are posted on the first floor of each residential building.

Friends and Support People

You may also want to call a trusted friend or support person to be with you or to help you find a safe place.

Seek medical care.

If you have experienced sexual assault, it is important to seek appropriate medical attention. 

Northfield Hospital can help you 24 hours a day…

  • Provide a full range of medical care following an assault, including testing for the presence of date rape drugs, treatment of physical trauma, pregnancy prevention, and STI testing/treatment.
  • Trained “SAFE Nurse” personnel can perform an evidentiary exam to collect evidence, up to 120 hours following an assault, should you wish to consider pursuing a legal complaint of sexual assault.

Contact them…

  • Northfield Hospital (main number): 507-646-1000
    Emergency Room: 507-646-1100
    2000 North Avenue, Northfield, MN 55057
  • If you require transportation to an off-campus clinic or hospital, you may contact Carleton Security or utilize Northfield Transit or Taxi Services. Student Health and Counseling or Security can provide you with a taxi voucher.

Student Health and Counseling Nurse Practitioners can help you during normal business hours…

  • Provide free, confidential medical care for students who have been sexually assaulted, including treatment for minor injuries, pregnancy prevention, and STI testing/treatment.

Contact them…

  • Phone: 507-222-4080
  • Hours:  Monday: 9 am-8pm; Tuesday-Friday: 9 am-6 pm 
  • Located in Ground Davis
  • https://apps.carleton.edu/studenthealth/
  • When calling to schedule an appointment, please inform the receptionist that you are calling regarding an urgent sexual harassment or assault issue to assure that you receive an appointment as quickly as possible.

Seek emotional support.

An experience of sexual assault or misconduct is not something you have to process and struggle with on your own. Talking with others about what you are feeling and experiencing can be an important part of the healing process.

Consider reporting.

Once you have taken steps to care for yourself physically and mentally, you may consider reporting your experience to the College or to Northfield Police. For more information about reporting sexual harassment or assault, click here.