Support Resources

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Sexual Misconduct Support Team

We are highly trained to listen to your experiences, discuss your options, and assist you every step of the way.

  • Sexual Misconduct Support (SMS) Advisers
  • Student Health and Counseling
  • Chaplains
  • CAASHA Peer Advocates
  • Complaint Process Coordinator

Trained Carleton Community Members

We are prepared to respond to incidents of sexual misconduct and can direct you to resources.

  • RAs, SWAs, GSCAs, OPLs
  • Dean of Students Office
  • Gender & Sexuality Center
  • Area Directors
  • Carleton Security

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Carleton Community Members

We are informed about sexual misconduct policies and Community Standards at Carleton.

  • Faculty & Staff
  • Friends

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Non-Carleton Resources

  • HOPE Center
  • Northfield Hospital
  • Northfield Police
  • Family & Friends

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