Sexual Misconduct Support (SMS) Advisers

A Sexual Misconduct Support (SMS) Adviser is available for students to provide information and support about the complaint process.  At the beginning of the student complaint process, each party will work with the Title IX Coordinator to select a SMS Adviser from this pool to accompany them throughout the process.

Complainants and respondents may choose advisers from outside the pool, or outside the campus community, but those advisers may not have the same level of insight and training on the campus resolution process as do those trained by the College.  Outside advisers are not eligible to be trained by the College.

A Sexual Misconduct (SMS) Adviser:

  • Offers information and support: As members of the Sexual Misconduct Support Team, SMS Advisers are prepared to answer common questions related to sexual misconduct, provide information about support options and the complaint process.
  • Assists a student through the entire Complaint Process: This may include attending investigation interviews, hearings, and other meetings—serving as an emotional support as well as a second set of ears. A SMS Adviser will help a student navigate the process. The SMS Adviser is an empowering and compassionate support person who is knowledgeable and comfortable with the complaint process.
  • Is highly trained: SMS Advisers participate in regular trainings throughout each school year. Training provides detailed information about the Carleton policies and complaint process, resources available at Carleton and in Northfield, as well as how to address common issues and concerns of Complainants and Respondents.
  • Provides feedback: SMS Advisers provide an invaluable stream of feedback about students’ experiences, areas of concern, and recommendations for change to the complaint process.

We encourage you to contact any of the following SMS Advisers:

Joe Baggot
Associate Dean of Students

SMS Adviser

Andy E. Christensen
Andy E. Christensen
Coordinator of Disability Services
Office: Davis Hall 5

SMS Adviser

Laura Haave
Laura Haave
Director of Gender & Sexuality Center & LGBT Advisor
Title IX Deputy/Prevention
Joy Kluttz
Director, Intercultural and International Life

SMS Adviser

Martin Olague
Martin Olague
Assistant Director, Intercultural and International Life

SMS Adviser

Laura Riehle-Merrill
Laura Riehle-Merrill Profile
Director for Community Engagement and Student Leadership
Amy Sillanpa
Amy Sillanpa Profile
Associate Director of Residential Life
Title IX Deputy/Process
Abby Trout
Abby Trout Profile
Associate Director of the Career Center
Jeremy Updike
Jeremy Updike Profile
Director of Summer Academic Programs
Director, Summer Teaching Institute