Welcome to the Carleton Data Warehouse

 The Carleton Data Warehouse is a collection of data gatherCDW logo 2ed from various systems of record on campus and transformed so that it can be easily mined, analyzed, and reported on—enhancing our ability to understand ourselves, plan, and make decisions.

For more information on the structure and design of the data warehouse, as well as information on accessing it, see Using the Data Warehouse.

The Carleton Data Warehouse complements and augments (but does not replace) existing transactional systems on campus like Advance, Recruitment Plus, and Colleague, which are designed to support day-to-day activities on campus, and which support a wide, rich array of data entry, extraction, and reporting options.

Data Warehouse project status:

  • Subject areas in production: Admissions/Prospect Research, Aid Awarding, Position Control and Budgeting, Faculty Information, Academic Records, Curriculum and Enrollment, Financial Analysis and Budgeting, Fundraising
  • Subject areas in development: Room Usage, Student Assessment and Outcomes

Who to contact and for what:

  • In general, contact Richard Goerwitz or Julie Creamer with data warehouse questions
  • For information or documentation on specific data items in the data warehouse, see the data dictionary
  • To request access, see the data warehouse access request form

Please note that all requests for data access will be handled in accordance with Carleton College's Data Management Policy.