Active Directory Transitional Workarounds

Until Carleton fully implements Microsoft Active Directory, a somewhat klunky mechanism for accessing the data warehouse must be used.

Essentially, one must run any program that accesses the Data Warehouse as another user—specifically as one's Active Directory alter ego.

Until Carleton shifts its authentication infrastructure over to Active Directory, all users have two personas or basic ways of authenticating to the network.  One is through their usual credentials (NetID and password).  The other is through their ActiveDirectory credentials (ads\YourNetID and password).  To access the data warehouse during this transitional period, one logs in as usual, with a NetID and password.  But then, when using an application that manipulates data in the data warehouse, or that draws data from the data warehouse, one must run that application as and Active Directory user (ads\YourNetID).

Shortcuts to automate this process are available on the shared filesystem (I:\Projects\DataWarehousing\Desktop-Prerequisites or file://, along with a README.txt file explaining where to put the shortcuts and how to activate them.

It is also possible to run any program using your Active Directory credentials (i.e., as ads\YOURNETID) by navigating to the actual program you want to run, right clicking on the program icon, then clicking on run as.  When the next screen comes up, check the button that lets you run the program, not as the current user, but as another user.  When you do that, two fields will become active, one for your username (ads\YOURNETID), and the other for your password.  Fill those fields out, then click OK.  The program you selected will run under your Active Directory persona, i.e., it will run as ads\YOURNETID (where YOURNETID is your NetID, e.g., rgoerwit, jcreamer, soster, jfergers, etc.).

We apologize for the awkwardness of this process.  It is temporary.