2014-2015 Weekly Convocations

The weekly convocation series is a shared campus experience that brings students, faculty, and staff together for one hour for a lecture or presentation from specialists in a variety of disciplines.  The goal of the convocation series is to stimulate thought and conversation on a wide range of subjects. Convocations are open to the public and free of charge.


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September 2014

Friday, September 26th

  • Convocation: Stephen Strand
    • Economics Professor Stephen Strand presents the annual Argument and Inquiry Seminar Convocation.
    • 10:50 am, Skinner Chapel

October 2014

Friday, October 3rd

  • Convocation: Daisy Hernández
    • Author Daisy Hernández reflects on her Columbian and Cuban heritage in an exploration of family, language, and identity.
    • 10:50 am, Skinner Chapel

Friday, October 10th

  • Convocation: Jake Porway
    • Data scientist Jake Porway proposes using the power of data analysis to bring about positive change in the world.
    • 10:50 am, Skinner Chapel

Friday, October 17th

  • Convocation: Robert Paarlberg ’67
    • Food and agricultural policy researcher Robert Paarlberg addresses farming technologies and poverty in the developing world.
    • 10:50 am, Skinner Chapel

Friday, October 24th

  • Convocation: Charles Kernaghan
    • Charles Kernaghan is a leader in the promotion and defense of internationally recognized worker rights in the global economy.
    • 10:50 am, Skinner Chapel

Friday, October 31st

  • Convocation: Elizabeth Liang
    • Actress Elizabeth Liang explores her multicultural background in addressing, Who are you when you’re from everywhere and nowhere?
    • 10:50 am, Skinner Chapel

November 2014

Friday, November 7th

  • Convocation: Waneek Horn-Miller
    • Aboriginal advocate and Canadian Olympic athlete Waneek Horn-Miller works to mend relationship between Native and non-Native communities.
    • 10:50 am, Skinner Chapel

January 2015

Friday, January 9th

  • Convocation: Michael Shermer
    • Science historian and psychologist Michael Shermer examines why people believe weird things.
    • 10:50 am, Skinner Chapel

Friday, January 16th

  • Convocation: Dawn Porter
    • Attorney and filmmaker Dawn Porter exposes the deficiencies of the United States criminal justice system.
    • 10:50 am, Skinner Chapel

Friday, January 23rd

  • Convocation: Lindsey Thomas
    • Medical examiner Lindsey Thomas describes the role of forensic pathology at the intersection of science, technology and the judicial system.
    • 10:50 am, Skinner Chapel

Friday, January 30th

  • Convocation: Ysaye Barnwell
    • Musician, actress, and educator Ysaye Barnwell is a former member of the acclaimed a cappella ensemble Sweet Honey in the Rock.
    • 10:50 am, Skinner Chapel

February 2015

Friday, February 6th

  • Convocation
    • A speaker to celebrate Black History Month will be selected by the Office of Intercultural and International Life.
    • 10:50 am, Skinner Chapel

Friday, February 13th

  • Convocation: Sam Polk
    • Founder of Groceryships, Sam Polk aims to empower families to live healthfully.
    • 10:50 am

Friday, February 20th

  • Convocation: Saru Jayaraman
    • Founder of Restaurant Opportunities Centers, Saru Jayaraman seeks to improve wages and working conditions for restaurant workers.
    • 10:50 am, Skinner Chapel

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