Recordings of Convocations

  • Created 14 February 2003; Published 27 February 2003
    Convocation: Bill Evans
    Within the bluegrass music community, Bill Evans is well-known not only as a musician, but also as a teacher, writer and scholar. "The Banjo in America: A Musical and Cultural History" brings together these interests in a unique presentation designed for the concert and lecture stage.
  • Created 7 February 2003; Published 27 February 2003
    Convocation: Beverly Daniel Tatum
    Spelman College President Beverly Daniel Tatum, a clinical psychologist who focuses her teaching and research on the psychology of racism, presents the Black History Month Convocation. She is the author of the groundbreaking book "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?"
  • Created 31 January 2003; Published 27 February 2003
    Convocation: Norman Ornstein
    "What's so funny about Washington?" is the question Norman Ornstein addresses. A member of USA Today's board of contributors, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a columnist for Roll Call, Ornstein not only comments on the political process but gets right down in the thick of it.
  • Created 24 January 2003; Published 27 February 2003
    Convocation: Benjamin Carson
    Benjamin Carson went from a frustrated, bad tempered inner-city youth to a world-renowned surgeon who revolutionized pediatric surgery and saved countless lives. The director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.
  • Created 17 January 2003; Published 31 January 2003
    Martin Luther King Convocation
    Speaker: Mary Frances Berry, Chairperson of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and lifelong activist for education, gender, equity and civil rights.
  • Created 10 January 2003; Published 27 February 2003
    Convocation: Alex Kotlowitz
    Best known for his award-winning nonfiction book, "There Are No Children Here," Alex Kotlowitz has made writing about issues of poverty, race and children the focus of his literary career.
  • Created 8 November 2002; Published 27 February 2003
    Convocation: Nicholson Baker
    Nicholson Baker is the author of "Double Fold: Libraries and the Assault on Paper," in which he argues the case for saving newspapers and books so that they can continue to be read in their original forms.
  • Created 31 May 2002; Published 3 March 2003
    Honors Convocation 2002
    President Stephen R. Lewis, Jr. and Dean of the College Elizabeth McKinsey presented Honors Convocation on Friday, May 31. Their talk was titled "...liberal and thorough..." The convocation recognized students who have earned various honors over the past year.
  • Created 24 May 2002; Published 27 February 2003
    Convocation: Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield
    Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, founders of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, present convocation. Their talk is titled "Ben & Jerry's: Enterpreneurial Spirit, Social Responsibility, and Radical Business Philosophy." They served their ice cream on the Bald Spot after the talk.
  • Created 10 May 2002; Published 27 February 2003
    Convocation: Mary-Claire King '67
    In the jigsaw world of human genetics, Mary-Claire King '67 found a crucial piece that helps solve the mystery of breast cancer. A pioneer in the field of genetics, she is an activist for the use of biology as a means of helping those who have been oppressed. Sponsored by the Frank and Jean Chesley Lectureship Fund.
  • Created 3 May 2002; Published 28 February 2003
    Convocation: Chiqui Cartagna
    Since the mid 1980s, Chiqui Cartagna has gained a prominent role in the creation of Spanish television and journalism. In addition to being producer of a variety of television news and talk shows, she has been a reporter for the Spanish-language version of the Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald. She has held positions as the senior editor for People En Espanol and has developed a series of TV Guide products in Spanish. Sponsored by the Carleton Latino American Students Organization (LASO).
  • Created 26 April 2002; Published 27 February 2003
    Convocation: Jamie Monson
    Carleton Associate Professor of History Jamie Monson discusses her current project, funded by the Carnegie Foundation. The project's focus is the history of a railway built by the Chinese in Tanzania in the 1970s. The project has a number of rich dimensions including environmental history, rural development, African-Chinese relations, and cultural change.
  • Created 12 April 2002; Published 28 February 2003
    Convocation: Winona LaDuke
    Internationally renowned Native American Indian activist Winona LaDuke spoke at Convocation. She founded and serves as campaign director for the White Earth Land Recovery Project, a reservation-based land acquisition, environmental advocacy and cultural organization. Sponsored by the Carleton American Native Peoples Organization (ANPO).
  • Created 19 October 2001; Published 27 February 2003
    Convocation: Bill Richardson
    Bill Richardson, former secretary of energy and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, gave a convocation address titled "New Challenges."
  • Created 29 October 1999; Published 28 February 2003
    Convocation: George Will on American Creed and Government

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