Welcome to Student Fellowships!

Each year, Carleton students achieve some of the most prestigious awards for graduate study and travel in many parts of the world. Preparing for these wonderful opportunities requires work well in advance of submission deadlines to find fellowships that best match your interests and experience, your academic and extracurricular life, and to develop your qualifications to the fullest by the time you apply.

Applying for Carleton fellowships, scholarships, and internships is a good stepping-stone. National and Carleton fellowships are highly competitive and there are no guarantees, but by reading this, you've already made a good start!

PLEASE NOTE:  The Office of Student Fellowships is undergoing a reorganization.  For now, fellowships will be handled as noted:


Associate Dean of the College George Shuffelton, along with assistant Karen Moldenhauer, will handle the Carleton fellowships: the Sophomore and Junior Fellowships (Class of 1963, Independent Research, Kelley, Larson, Allen & Irene Salisbury, Richard Salisbury, and Yueh-Townsend), the Hanson, the Donelson Fund, and the Four Friends Fellowship.  For questions about Carleton-funded awards, contact Karen in the DOC Office at x4300.

Externally-funded (National):

Mike Flynn, Interim Director of External Fellowships, along with assistant Sarah Rechtzigel, will handle the external (National) fellowships such as the Davis Projects for Peace, the Fulbright, Goldwater, Marshall, Mitchell, Rhodes, Watson, and Karel, to name a few. For questions about externally-funded awards, contact Sarah in the Career Center at x4296.