Welcome to Student Fellowships!

Effective June 1st, the Office of Student Fellowships will be officially reopened!  We are excited to announce Marynel Ryan Van Zee, Ph.D. as our new Director of Student Fellowships! 

Marynel comes to Carleton from the University of Minnesota Morris, where she oversaw the student fellowships program, and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and an excitement to work with students to achieve their dreams of travel and research.  Please help me in welcoming Marynel to Carleton!

~Karen Moldenhauer, Fellowships Assistant / DOC Office

Each year, Carleton students achieve some of the most prestigious awards for graduate study and travel in many parts of the world. Preparing for these wonderful opportunities requires work well in advance of submission deadlines to find fellowships that best match your interests and experience, your academic and extracurricular life, and to develop your qualifications to the fullest by the time you apply.

Applying for Carleton fellowships, scholarships, and internships is a good stepping-stone. National and Carleton fellowships are highly competitive and there are no guarantees, but by reading this, you've already made a good start!