Dale '60 and Elizabeth Hanson Fellowship in Ethics

Purpose: The fellowship, supported by a generous gift from Dale and Elizabeth Hanson, is designed to support student research in ethics that might be an extension of work they undertook in a class, or to examine ethical questions as they relate to their major or, more generally, to explore issues that they would not be able to examine through current course offerings.

Activities supported by this fellowship include, but are not limited to, traditional academic research. All fellowship recipients will work with a designated faculty member who will oversee the projects and organize communications between recipients to encourage the exchange of ideas. Recipients will be expected to produce some product at the end of the fellowship. A likely outcome would be an academic paper, but other possibilities can be discussed with the faculty director. Recipients may also be asked to make a public presentation based on their research.

Funding: Awards will be given annually. Successful applicants will receive a stipend of $1,600 up front, and can apply for up to another $500 (for which receipts must be submitted) to defer the cost of research materials and other expenses. The stipend is approximately four weeks of full-time work at the current student wage and is designed to reflect the approximate time commitment that recipients will give to their projects, though naturally they will determine how to allocate their time.

Eligibility: This fellowship is intended for First-year students, Sophomores, and Juniors for use during the summer of the year they apply (though students participating in summer academic programs may apply to use the fellowship in the term they are on leave in the subsequent academic year). Priority may be given to more advanced students. Students in any major are eligible. All applicants must be in good academic standing.

Selection Criteria: Dale and Elizabeth Hanson Fellowships will be awarded to qualified students to carry out independent research in ethics related to any field taught at Carleton College. Winners are selected based on the quality and originality of the proposal and the qualifications of the applicant to successfully complete the project.

IMPORTANT - Recommendations:  It is the student's responsibility to ask faculty/staff for letters of recommendation no later than February 1st, following this process:

Give the adviser and recommender a copy of your proposal, and tell them that:

  • Faculty or staff submit their Recommendation Form online, and can also choose to attach a letter of support.
  • Recommendations must be submitted online by 5 PM on February 8, 2017.

Please note that:

* Two recommendations are required for all fellowships.
* Using Carleton faculty or staff as recommenders is usually the best choice.  Non-Carleton recommenders may disadvantage you, as they may not know Carleton, and the selection committee does not know them. Use your best judgment in this, as in all other areas.

To Apply:   Applicants submit their ONLINE APPLICATION

Deadline:  5 PM on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

    Faculty Adviser:  Professor Daniel Groll, Associate Professor of Philosophy / EthIC Director  x4219  Leighton 311