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Tips on Applying for Fellowships

  • Start early! Fellowship applications need careful thought, and some will require background research, so allow time to get feedback on your drafts, and to revise accordingly - probably several times. Many fellowships require letters of recommendation from faculty and others too, so be considerate to give them time to write up a strong support letter!
  • Start even earlier! Ideally, you will present a consistent pattern of academic and extracurricular activities that fit the fellowship’s purpose. A personal history is not built in one semester. If your interests and goals change along the way, that’s fine too; think about how to connect your newfound passion with your previous experiences.
  • Draft your personal statement! A personal statement is central to many fellowship applications. For some it is virtually all you will submit. The first draft is the hardest, so start now. Note overlapping opportunities! Several different fellowships may match your goals and experience. Do the research to find out, and build on the work you’ve already done.  Click here for advice on writing personal statements.
  • Consult the experts! The Dean of the College Office, the Career Center, Fellowship advisers, and your own academic advisers and professors are here to help you explore these opportunities at any stage in your Carleton career. Don’t wait until you see an announcement of something that looks interesting - take the initiative to let your professors, advisers, and mentors know about your hopes and dreams for life after Carleton, and ask them for advice on sources of funding to help you get there.
  • Stay in touch! Watch for fellowships announcements in the NNB, on bulletin boards, and in your e-mail. Our web site cannot list all of the many fellowships out there, so look for announcements throughout the year.

Other tips include:

  • Consult with faculty advisers, your professors, and others as soon as possible.
  • Watch for announcements and information meetings throughout the year.
  • Consult the "Reseaching Fellowships" link.
  • For Carleton-funded opportunities, visit the Dean of the College Office, Laird 131, to review successful proposal samples and get excellent advice.
  • For Externally-funded (National) opportunities, visit the Career Center, Sayles-Hill 50, to tell us about yourself, your interests, and your vision for the future!

Note: Fellowships are not limited to the awards listed on this site.

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