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Ben Somogyi '12: Young Man on the Move

November 22, 2011


Ben Somogyi '12, History Major


My name is Ben Somogyi, and this is my Carleton.

The moment I walked onto this campus as a prospective student back in 2007, I knew that this was the place that I wanted to be for the next four years. These were the people that I wanted to be friends with, the professors from whom I wanted to learn.

Most of my best friends I’ve found through the JSC, the Jewish Students at Carleton, and then through their friends. It’s just a really great community. It’s a lot of social events, but we also have Shabbat dinners and services every Friday night, and I often cook. We have parties, and hanging out—really just a big group of friends.

My first summer I went to Italy, somewhat through the Art History department. I was restoring an 8th century villa for a month, without electricity. It was quite an adventure. The following summer after my sophomore year, I went to Israel and worked at the Holocaust museum in Israel, Yad VaShem. And then this past summer, before my senior year, I went to Portugal and West Africa, a tiny little island nation called São Tomé e Principe. Two thousand Jewish children were expelled there without their family members, ages two to ten, to these islands that were at the time uninhabited.Six hundred of them survived, and then married with the Congolese slave population that was brought over—and the population of São Tomé e Principe are primarily descended from this initial population.

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