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2010 Golden Schillers

  • I'm on a boat
    Published 16 February 2010
    On a Boat

    I'm on a Boat, Carleton style.

    • Team: Dejaresco
    • Captain: Terry Dejaresco
  • Argh! Rocks!
    Published 16 February 2010
    Argh! Rocks!

    Sometimes, a box of rocks isn't exactly what you expect. Or is it?

    • Team: Drugs or Chalk
    • Captain: Austin Hall
  • Rumkamrater
    Published 16 February 2010

    Friday night decisions: hang out with roommates? See the girl you like? Both?

    Oh, but the big question: does she like you?

    • Team: Roomate Productions
    • Captain: Gabe Keller

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