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Community, Equity and Diversity Initiative (CEDI)

CEDI Leadership Board

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CEDI Leadership Board

Current CEDI Leadership Board members (middle row, middle person) Joy Kluttz; (bottom row, right) Mikki Showers. All other pictured persons are retired members.

Current CEDI Leadership Board members not shown here: Matt Rand, Lori Pearson, Amy Sillanpa, Charlene Hamblin, Will Sheffer '15, Rui Su '16, and Kera Ling '16


The Community, Equity, and Diversity Initiative (CEDI) is a subcommittee of College Council. Its mission is to improve campus community and promote equity and diversity on campus. This happens by assessing campus climate needs and ideas, providing feedback on diversity initiatives, collaborating with other groups and supporting work already happening across multiple divisions, and initiating new projects to address the priorities and needs of the campus.


25 January 2013

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