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Academic Regulations & Procedures

Special Students

A person enrolled in a course or courses but not admitted by the admissions office and not following a degree program is designated a "special student."

Special students (senior Northfield High School Honors Program students, faculty spouses, staff members and spouses) must secure permission of the Registrar and register with the Office of the Registrar after fully matriculated students have registered, usually during the first two weeks of the term. The signature and permission of the instructor should be obtained after the registrar has checked the class list for available spaces in the course.

Most special students pay the same tuition as all undergraduates ($879 per credit, or $5,274 for one six-credit course in 2014-15), unless they are granted partial or full tuition remission through the College's fringe benefit program. All special students must pay for any special course fees. Carleton graduates of the Class of 2009 or earlier may enroll for credit in one course per term at the alumni rate of one-sixth course tuition (i.e., $879 per six-credit course in 2014-15). Special students are not eligible for financial aid or for independent study.

Last revised July 11, 2013
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Last Reviewed: Aug 18th, 2014

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