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Academic Regulations & Procedures

Summer Independent Study

Summer reading and other summer projects undertaken for credit under the supervision of a faculty member but not assigned as part of a course are considered to be independent study. A student planning to do summer independent study must submit an application approved by the supervising instructor to the Office of the Registrar before the end of spring term. If the course is to be taken S/Cr/NC, this must be stated on the form and signed by the supervising instructor. There is a charge for summer independent study, and these charges are added to the student's account by the Business Office when it is notified by the registrar's office of the completion of the course (see Tuition Charges-Special Fees). Students who have participated in commencement with an asterisk may not register for summer independent study since they have completed their regular work at Carleton.

In all cases, the two-week period for drop/add shall begin with the last day of the spring examination period. Summer Independent Study may not be dropped or opted S/Cr/NC after 4:30 p.m. on the seventh Friday following the last day of the spring examination period. Other rules concerning drop/add also apply to Summer Independent Study.

Summer work must be completed and submitted no later than the first day of fall term.

See also directed reading, drop/add, independent study/reading/ research, and s/cr/nc option.

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Last Reviewed: Jul 17th, 2014

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