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Buildings & Grounds

Contributing to Landscape Improvements and Maintenance

The College welcomes gifts which will provide funding to improve or support the maintenance of the campus, Cowling Arboretum, and other College-owned land.  Proposed gifts for those purposes will be subject to the following policies and procedures.

  1.  The College strongly encourages donors to support operations and capital improvements through undesignated gifts, affording the College the greatest flexibility in applying funds to objects of the greatest need.  
  2. Designated gifts are appropriate in some circumstances but should provide support for existing needs, plans, intentions or programs.
    • Will be improvements rather than maintenance.
    • Will have a special or unique character.
    • Will provide opportunity for identification or recognition, if desired.
    • Will not be feasible to execute within the annual budget because other improvement and maintenance needs, of necessity, must be given higher priority
  3. Projects will be selected from the list of current needs prepared by the Facilities staff and Development office.  This list will be updated annually and will include the approximate cost of each project.  Items and projects included typically:
  4. Initial contact with the College and all proposals must be made through the Development Office, which  also will coordinate project selection and gift arrangements.  The Development Office will consult with the Facilities staff to determine feasibility and for preparation of plans, designs and cost estimates.
  5. Donations for special projects or objects should provide funding for the entire project, from planning through acquisition and construction or installation, including the cost of professional consultation if required.  Support of any kind that is to be provided by the College must be approved, in advance, in consultation with the affected departments.
  6. Many projects will be subject to review and comment by the Campus Landscape Committee, acceptance of the Development Office in consultation with affected departments, and approval of the Vice President and Treasurer, the President of the College and the Board of Trustees.
  7. The method and content of donor identification or inscription will be subject to approval of the Development Office in consultation with the Facilities Department, the President of the College and the Board of Trustees.
  8. The College retains the right, subject to approval by the Trustees, to alter, relocate or remove any and all trees, plants or landscape objects as the future needs of the College may dictate.
  9. No human remains in any form shall be buried or interred at any memorial site.

December 14, 1989 by the Board of Trustees of Carleton College

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