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Faculty Appointments

Regular Part-Time Faculty

A regular part-time faculty member at Carleton is one who meets the following conditions:

  1. A regular part-time faculty member normally carries at least a half-time teaching load for the school year (half of the normal teaching load in the particular department) and teaches during at least two terms.
  2. A regular part-time faculty member is expected to take part in non-teaching service to the College. He or she is expected to serve on committees and act as an academic advisor. However, for regular part-time faculty members such responsibilities should be roughly proportionate to teaching load.
  3. Regular part-time faculty members share with the regular full-time faculty a commitment to long-range professional aims and improvement.

All regular faculty, part-time as well as full-time, may enjoy the privileges of tenure, leaves with pay, and grants in support of scholarship. Except when they are officially on leave, regular part-time faculty have the same voting privileges as full-time faculty members. Tenure criteria and procedures for regular part-time faculty are the same as those for regular full-time faculty, but the tenure decision is made at a later time than is usual for full-time faculty. The pre-tenure period for a regular part-time faculty member is normally the equivalent of six years of full-time teaching, the decision coming in the final year. A regular part-time faculty member undergoes a "third-year review" after at most five years of service. These periods may be shortened at the suggestion of the dean, the department chair, or the faculty member and with the agreement of all three.

Faculty on regular part-time appointments are eligible to participate in the College's sabbatical leave program. They may qualify for one term of leave with partial sabbatical support (the amount proportionate to their teaching load) after twelve terms of service, or for one term of leave with full sabbatical support after the equivalent of 12 terms of full-time teaching. Eligibility for leaves without pay will be the same as that for full-time faculty. A part-time appointment within the tenure system does not confer the right to a full-time appointment.

If requested to do so by a member of the faculty, the dean of the college and the chair of the relevant department(s) will attempt to negotiate with that faculty member a change from full-time to part-time status. Every effort will be made to accommodate such requests, provided that suitable means can be found to maintain the department's instructional program. A position converted to regular part-time status has only such rights of return to full-time status as are agreed upon in writing by the dean, the department chair, and the faculty member at the time of the initial conversion. The possibilities of other career patterns are so diverse and specific that a general description of them would be impossible. In each such case, negotiations will take place among the faculty member, the department chair, and the dean; and arrangements concerning time of tenure decision, eligibility for leaves, participation in the Senior Faculty Development Forum and the like will be made within the spirit of these regulations.

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Last Reviewed: Jul 15th, 2014

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