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Housing & Residential Living


The College welcomes “short-term guests” (weekend, mid-term breaks, etc.) but expects that students will not entertain guests at the expense of a roommate or without regard for the privacy and needs of other students. Guests are allowed to stay for a maximum of three days. Guests who overstay their welcome (more than three days) or are not respectful of the hall regulations and rights of other students will be asked to leave. Hosts are responsible for the behavior of their guests on campus and are subject to consequences resulting from a guest's behavior, including fines and repair costs.

For safety and security reasons, please inform your Resident Assistant or House Manager of a guest's presence. There is no fee for guests. Roll-away beds and linens are available from the Custodial Services Office at a minimal charge. Custodial Services staff must have 24-hour notice to honor requests for these services. Roll-away beds are not available for Evans Hall or off-campus houses. Guests are welcome in the dining halls or at Sayles Cafe. Students may use Schillers to pay for their guests meals.

Approved on July 31, 2006.

Keywords: room guests, fines, behavior, safety

Last Reviewed: Sep 15th, 2014

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