Digital Humanities at Carleton

Digital Humanities 2012 

Digital Humanities projects are proliferating at Carleton! The Mellon Foundation’s “Collaborative Planning for the Digital Humanities” grant to Carleton, St. Olaf and Macalester Colleges allowed us to build capacity, establish partnerships, and begin regular programming in "DH" on campus. Since Fall 2012, the Humanities Center at Carleton has served as the center for this work, which is currently being led by the Center's Associate Director for Digital Humanities, Susan Jaret McKinstry.

What are the Digital Humanities?

What is happening with DH at Carleton?

Connecting with local Digital Humanities networks

Summer 2012 Seed Grant Recipients


Digital Humanities Conference Keynote Speech


The Digital Humanities: Apprehensions, Opportunities, and Obligations, presented by Professor Teresa Mangum, University of Iowa, Oberman Center for Advanced Studies. Professor Mangum discusses ways in which the opportunities and obligations always at play in the humanities are even more visible given the public nature of digital work.