Digital Humanities at Carleton

Digital Humanities 2012 

Digital Humanities projects are proliferating at Carleton! The Mellon Foundation’s “Collaborative Planning for the Digital Humanities” grant to Carleton, St. Olaf and Macalester Colleges allowed us to build capacity, establish partnerships, and begin regular programming in "DH" on campus for 2012-14. Since Fall 2012, the Humanities Center at Carleton has served as the center for this work.  In Winter Term 2015, thanks to the presence of a Robert Oden Postdoctoral fellow on campus, we will offer the first course devoted solely to the Digital Humanities. Dr. Austin Mason will teach "Hacking the Humanities," as well as four other courses offered from Winter 2015-Spring 2016.

Updates from the Digital Humanities Associates

Tuesday 05/12/2015

  • ARLD Day 2015

    One of the most exciting pieces of the digital humanities is the chance to engage in scholarly discussions about the future of digital scholarship. I had the amazing chance to take part in some of those discussions at the 2015 Minnesota ... more

Monday 02/16/2015

  • Writing for the Web

    Keep it simple, interesting, and brief. These are three key points on writing for the web, as delivered by Carleton’s own Doug Bratland last Thursday. This talk was particularly applicable to our blog, as we are obviously writing for the ... more

Monday 02/02/2015

  • Carleton Undergraduate Journal of Humanistic Studies

    I have been part of an initiative on campus to set up an online research journal for the humanities and our website just recently went live! We are soliciting papers that present original, polished research. This is a fabulous opportunity ... more

Thursday 11/06/2014

  • Online Journals and DH Work

    Yesterday I attended a Learning Communities meeting focused on the rise of online journals and what they mean for digital scholarship. The meeting raised many interesting issues surrounding the scholarly record. One of the most important issues discussed was the ... more

Monday 11/03/2014

  • Facial Recognition project update

    Last week, I met with Ann Zawistoski to refine our search for articles on facial recognition software. From that meeting, I was able to find a couple sources that look very promising for giving us the techniques and tools we ... more

Thursday 10/30/2014

  • 3D Workhouse Project

    Graham and I recently started working with History Professor Susannah Ottoway in hopes of starting a new 3D Workhouse project. From her experience, students tend to learn much more effectively through visual means, and accordingly, she dreams to create a ... more

Thursday 10/16/2014

  • Steve Hindle, Art History, and the Digital Humanities

    Steve Hindle is on campus, and yesterday, I attended his talk, “An Economic Historian Plays with Art History.” It was a really enjoyable presentation, filled with engaging content. Hindle started with a simple graph depicting seasonality of labor in agriculture ... more
  • Steve Hindle and Digital Scholarship

    “The computer screen has provided a shaft of light that will illuminate, not eliminate, the book.” I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a joint A&I class session with guest Steve Hindle, the W.M. Keck Foundation Director of Research at ... more

Tuesday 10/07/2014

  • Making a Humanities Lab out of Greek Mythology

    During this last August, I took part in a 2-week-long Humanities Lab. There were eleven of us students from various liberal arts colleges – Wellesley, Haverford, Grinnell, Denison, etc. – divided into two groups, one focusing on mapping Greek mythologies (my group) ... more

Monday 10/06/2014

  • Archives Facial Recognition Project – first thoughts

    Currently, Sahree and I are working with Nat Wilson in the archives department to review existing facial recognition software tools. The end goal of this project is to be able to use a tool to recognize and label pictures of ... more