Digital Humanities at Carleton

Digital Humanities projects are proliferating at Carleton! The Mellon Foundation’s “Collaborative Planning for the Digital Humanities” grant to Carleton, St. Olaf and Macalester Colleges allowed us to build capacity, establish partnerships, and begin regular programming in "DH" on campus for 2012-14. Since Fall 2012, the Humanities Center at Carleton has served as the center for this work. 

2014-2015 Digital Humanities courses included "History, Nature and Smartphones," an innovative new course taught by George Vrtis, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and History, and "Hacking the Humanities" taught by Austin Mason, Carleton's new Oden Postdoctoral Fellow in the Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities Associates program, housed in the Gould Library and staffed by students funded through the Humanities Center, Gould Library, and ITS, will continue to be supervised by Heather Tompkins, with help from Carly Born, Heidi Eyestone, and the Director of the Humanities Center.