OIIL Peer Leader

OIIL Peer Leader Statement of Purpose:  The purpose of the OIIL Peer Leader Program is to enhance the retention of domestic students of color and international students by mentoring first-year students and encouraging their academic, social, and cultural development. OIIL Peer Leaders foster cross-cultural dialogue in the service of greater awareness, empathy, mutual respect, acceptance, and recognition.

About International Student Orientation

Orientation is intended to provide international students with added time and exposure to life at Carleton College before New Student Week. The students will face a range of experiences from language insecurities and different academic expectations to adjustment to college life and interpersonal communication.  

Orientation seeks to assist international students with some of the above issues as well as become acclimated to the United States, Carleton campus, and explore their expectations. With the assistance of faculty, staff, and Peer Leaders like you, international students will be introduced to on and off-campus resources that will help them navigate their new experience. 

Participants will tour Northfield and the Carleton College campus. There will also be time to shop and explore, and a one-day excursion to a place of cultural and historical interest in the vicinity of Northfield. There will be time for discussions about life in a foreign environment, and reports from returning international students on their methods of coping with adjustment to student life in the United States.


Rising first-year, sophomore, and junior students interested in working with first-year students are encouraged to apply. Applicants are required:

• To be in good academic standing

• To be on-campus the entire academic year

• To be active in the Carleton Community

• To not be committed to other paid positions or research fellowships during the academic year

The OIIL Peer Leader position is a ten-hour a week commitment for three terms (fall, winter, and spring).  OIIL Peer Leaders are required to adhere to the job responsibilities listed in the position description. Selected OIIL Peer Leaders will have the opportunity to live in Stimson House.  

IMPORTANT: OIIL Peer Leaders are required to return to campus on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 to begin training.   


OIIL Peer Leaders are student leaders who represent the OIIL community. As effective role models, OIIL Peer Leaders also guide first-year students (mentees) as they experience living, growing, and succeeding in a community that celebrates diversity and individual differences.   

Provide Support, Advice, and Referral to Mentees

• Recognize, accept, and demonstrate a personal interest in each mentee

• Provide programs that introduce college resources to first-year students

• Have knowledge of campus resources and refer students accordingly

• Provide open and honest dialogue regarding student life at Carleton

• Consult with students on academic rules and regulations and on academic adjustment skills

• Be actively involved in the academic decisions mentees make by providing information about academic regulations and policies such as S/CR/NC, late drops, the Academic Standing Committee, etc.

• Become familiar with the personal/scholastic background and future educational and career plans of your mentees

• Assist in the cultural development of each mentee as needed or requested

• Help mentees recognize problem areas and then provide guidance toward resolution

• Work with other departments (ASC, GSC, Student Health and Counseling, Career Center, Off-Campus Studies, Dean of Students, etc.) and educate mentee of services offered through these offices

Work with the Intercultural & International Community

• Be involved in the activities of OIIL

• Connect and introduce students to OIIL affiliated student organizations

• Keep informed of the needs and concerns of students of color and international students

• Sponsor or co-sponsor events, workshops, and activities

• Demonstrate an appreciation of all people by working effectively with students of different

racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds

• Connect mentees to the Office of Intercultural & International Life and its programs

Acquire Cultural Competence

• Demonstrate effective cross-cultural communication

• Maintain a commitment to educate and sensitize oneself to diversity issues

Administrative Duties

• Participate in weekly individual supervision with your OIIL Supervisor

• Be present at weekly group meetings

• Initiate contacts and coordinate programs with designated student support offices as assigned

• Submit weekly reports

• Attend required OIIL programs/events

• Attend events sponsored by the Office of Intercultural & International Life

• Attend mandatory training sessions

In addition to mentoring students, OIIL Peer Leaders will have other responsibilities to support OIIL in multiple ways.  With the support of the OIIL staff and other key personnel at the college, OIIL Peer Leaders will provide a range of programs and activities included but not limited to: 

  • Chili Night Facilitator
  • Facilitating programs in residential halls
  • Chili Night Food Preparation
  • Chili Night Setup/Takedown
  • OIIL Events Photographer
  • Academic Program Planner for Mentees
  • Social Program Planner for Mentees
  • Stimson House Manager
  • Contribute to Spectrum Newsletter


 Mandatory Training & Attendance

·         May 20, 2014, 7-8:30 p.m. - Peer Leader Kick-Off

·         September 2, 2014 – OIIL Peer Leaders Arrive on campus

·         September 3-4 – OIIL Peer Leader Training

·         September 8-9, 2014 – Combined Peer Leader training (some sessions)

·         September 9-12 - Participate in New Student Week

.         Meet with mentees during the academic year to mentor them

    ·         On-going Peer Leader Training opportunities during the academic year


    Compensation - Stipend of $300, housing and meals provided during ISO and NSW.  The position also requires a 10hr paid weekly commitment for fall, winter and spring term.


    Application Information

    Deadline: Thursday, April 3, 2014

    Interviews held: April 7-18

    Decisions Announced: April 24

    Questions, please contact: Brisa Zubia, bzubia@carleton.edu, x7488, or Michael Hodges, mhodges@carleton.edu, x4014

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