Student Organizations & Media

The Moustache Club. The Carleton Juggling F.I.S.H. The Random Acts of Kindness Club. The Gender Neutral Cheerboys. What can we say? You get creative when you spend winter on the frozen prairie with a couple thousand of your closest friends.

If you can’t find something appealing in one of the 250 (and counting) student organizations at Carleton, you're welcome to invent your own. The Carleton Student Association can help you get started. If you have questions about joining or starting a student organization, you can stop by the Student Activities Office in Sayles and visit with a Student Program Assistant who can help connect you with the right group.

Student Media & Publications

With a student-run radio station, a weekly newspaper, and at least half a dozen other printed publications, there are plenty of outlets on campus for diverse voices and perspectives.

Want to try your hand at sports reporting? Join the staff of the Carletonian. Investigative journalism? Check out the award-winning, internationally distributed Lens magazine. Illustrating comics? Try the Carleton Graphic.

Whatever it is you have to express—poetry, politics, art, or interfaith dialogue—you'll find a venue for it at Carleton.

Student Organizations

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