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Photo Feature: Carleton Passover Seder

March 29, 2010

Carleton held its traditional Passover Seder with nearly 150 people in attendance, including well-known radio personality Garrison Keillor, along with his wife and daughter. Keillor was invited to the event by Carleton associate chaplin Shosh Dworsky, whose brother, Rich, is a member of the "Guys' All-Star Band" which performs each week on Keillor's public radio show, "A Prairie Home Companion."

The invite came about nearly a year ago, as Rich Dworsky spoke about the seder during "A Prairie Home Companion" last year. Keillor asked, on air, to be invited, and so Shosh Dworsky did exactly that. 

"We found out 5 minutes before the seder started that he was actually coming," Carleton chaplin Carolyn Fure-Slocum related. "Shosh had him read the lengthy and humorous narrator portion of the Exodus story (Shosh's edition), and he did a lovely 'monologue' at the very end about being 'passed over' for the draft during the Vietnam war and how being passed over by the angel of death means you have to do something special with your life. "

"It was quite the thrill for many of us who have grown up listening to Garrison."

Photo Feature: Carleton Passover Seder