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Here are some of the things that made Newsweek magazine name Carleton the nation’s most fun-loving college in 2003:

  • Schiller. A bust of the 18th-century German poet has been passed from generation to generation of Carleton students, appearing at opening convocation and other large gatherings—often accompanied by dark-suited ninjas. It’s been through more than most inanimate objects during the past 40 years: the bust has been blown up, dropped from a helicopter, and ridden in Air Force One.
  • Soap bubbles. For decades, Carls sitting in the upper balcony of Skinner Chapel during opening convocation have blown bubbles over faculty during the opening procession.
  • Flight of the ’bee. Ultimate Frisbee is the most popular game on campus, and every student receives a Frisbee on their first day as a student at Carleton. Carleton’s competitive men’s and women’s Ultimate teams, CUT and Syzygy, are frequently among the best teams in the nation.

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