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Professional News

  • January 25, 2013

    Helena Kaufman and Éva Pósfay Present on De-Familiarizing Europe

    Helena Kaufman, Director of Off-Campus Studies, and Éva Pósfay, Professor of French, presented "De-Familiarizing Europe: Study Curriculum for the Flat World," with colleagues from Paris and Copenhagen, at the December Forum on Education Abroad meeting in Dublin, Ireland. The session focused on program design in the dynamically changing European context. The panelists, representing U.S. colleges and European study abroad organizations, shared best practices in holistic design of curriculum that situates in national, regional, and European contexts but also de-familiarizes Europe as a destination.

  • Cathy Yandell
    January 21, 2013

    Yandell Presents at the Modern Language Association Conference

    Cathy Yandell, W.I. and Hulda F. Daniell Professor of French Literature, Language, and Culture, delivered a paper, "Learning through the Body in the Blasons anatomiques du corps féminin," at the Modern Language Association conference in Boston. In her paper, Yandell argues that this famous collection of anatomical poems, known for its humor and bawdiness, had an important heuristic function in Renaissance France. Not only did it teach readers about sex, gender, and the symbolic body, but it also revealed the political and religious preoccupations of the moment.

  • Eleanor Zelliot
    January 21, 2013

    Zelliot Publishes "Dalit Initiatives in Education"

    Eleanor Zelliot, Laird Bell Professor of History, Emerita, will have her article "Dalit Initiatives in Education," published this summer in the book, Perspectives in the History of Indian Education, Essays in Honour of Professor Eleanor Zelliot. In the article, Zelliot discusses how the Dalits (or untouchables) began their initiatives in education in the late 19th century and eventually established a huge system of colleges, high schools and hostels influenced by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

  • Scott Carpenter
    January 18, 2013

    Carpenter Featured on MPR for 'This Jealous Earth'

    French Professor Scott Carpenter was recently interviewed by Minnesota Public Radio for his newest book titled, "This Jealous Earth." The collection of 16 stories focuses on the stories of men, women, and children of various backgrounds who encounter a choice that will alter the course of their life. Although Carpenter has written about literature for over 20 years, this is his first book of fiction.

  • Ken Abrams
    January 18, 2013

    Abrams Presents at The University of Florence

    Ken Abrams, Assistant Professor of Psychology, recently gave two invited talks at the University of Florence. The first was titled, "Empirically-Keyed and Factor-Analytic Methods of Personality Test Construction," which discussed the modern, analytical methods of test construction that result in personality tests. The second talk was titled, "Provoking Panic in the Laboratory: The Use of Respiratory Challenges to Study Why Smoking Promotes Panic Disorder." It featured much of Abrams’s work performed at Carleton which analyzed the biopsychosocial consequences of chronic smoking. His results indicated a hypersensitivity to carbon dioxide that smokers undergo during nicotine withdrawal, resulting in panic disorder.

  • Carol Rutz
    January 18, 2013

    Rutz Publishes on Writing Across Curriculums

    Carol Rutz, Director of the College Writing Program, along with co-author Bill Condon of Washington State University, recently co-authored the article, "A Taxonomy of Writing Across the Curriculum Programs: Evolving to Serve Broader Agendas." The article demonstrates how the type of program and its particular features can be more or less influential within an institution. It describes programs that change over time and can accommodate new institutional needs and provides templates for other curriculum-based initiatives.  The piece finds that that some programs become change agents within their institutions, whereas other programs fulfill more limited purposes.

  • Laura Georing
    January 18, 2013

    Goering's Articles Named a "Highlight of the Decade"

    Laura Goering, Professor of Russian at Carleton College, had her 2003 article "'Russian Nervousness': Neurasthenia and National Identity in Nineteenth-Century Russia" recently named one of the "highlights of the decade" by the journal Medical History. The article delves into the idea that although Russian popular understanding of neurasthenia bears little resemblance to the American version, both function similarly as cultural metaphors.

  • Assistant Professor of Sociology Liz Raleigh
    January 18, 2013

    Raleigh Publishes on Adoption's Transracial Achievement Gap

    Liz Raleigh, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Carleton College, and her colleague Grace Kao (University of Pennsylvania), recently published a paper, "Is there a (transracial) adoption achievement gap?: A national longitudinal analysis of adopted children's educational performance" in Children and Youth Services Review. Although much of the social sciences literature consistently finds that adopted children do not, on average, perform academically as well as children in biological families, Raleigh and Kao's research is one of the first studies to dig a little deeper by disaggregating adopted children by their type of adoption.

  • Andrew Flory
    December 5, 2012

    Flory's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Lecture Live Streamed

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum will welcome Andrew Flory, assistant professor of music at Carleton College, as the next guest speaker in the American Musicological Society/Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Lecture Series – a joint collaboration that brings scholarly work to a broader audience and showcases the musicological work of the top scholars in the field.  Flory will give the lecture, “Reissuing Marvin: Musicology and the Modern Expanded Edition” on Wednesday, December 5 at 7 p.m. EST in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s Foster Theater.  The event will be live streamed on, and a webcast will be made available on the AMS web site.

  • November 7, 2012

    Carleton College Earns U.S. Dept of Education Grant for Middle Eastern Programs

    Carleton has received a major federal grant to advance the study of the Middle East on campus from the U.S. Department of Education. The College earned the $172,206 grant through the Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL) Program for a two-year project, “Consolidating Middle East Studies at Carleton College.” The project will be directed by Adeeb Khalid, the Jane and Raphael Bernstein Professor of Asian Studies and History, and Stacy Beckwith, Associate Professor of Hebrew, Chair of the Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures, and Director of the Program in Judaic Studies.

  • Deborah Appleman
    Photo: Eric Sieger
    October 25, 2012

    Appleman Returns To Syracuse, Receives Tolley Medal

    Deborah Appleman, the Hollis L. Caswell Professor of Educational Studies and Chair of Educational Studies, returned to Syracuse University, where she served as a visiting professor, to receive the prestigious Tolley Medal in recognition of her work on literacy and areas of scholarship related to life long learning. While on campus, Appleman delivered a lecture entitled "Liberal Learning behind Bars: Literacy Education with the Incarcerated."

  • October 17, 2012

    Myint Appears on LinkAsia TV

    Tun Myint, assistant professor of political science at Carleton, appeared on Dec. 2 on LinkAsia TV regarding Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's recent visit to Burma/Myanmar. Myint's appearance comes a little under four minutes into the segment. He spoke about what reforms might be possible within the country and which the current regime are likely to oppose.