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Rutz Publishes on Writing Across Curriculums

January 18, 2013

Carol Rutz, Director of the College Writing Program, along with co-author Bill Condon of Washington State University, recently co-authored the article, "A Taxonomy of Writing Across the Curriculum Programs: Evolving to Serve Broader Agendas." The article recently appeared in the December 2012 issue of College Composition and Communication. Both Rutz and Condon have worked at institutions recognized for their Writing Across Curriculum programs. The article demonstrates how the type of program and its particular features can be more or less influential within an institution. It describes programs that change over time and can accommodate new institutional needs and provides templates for other curriculum-based initiatives.  The piece finds that that some programs become change agents within their institutions, whereas other programs fulfill more limited purposes.

Written by Anna Versen '14