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Savina, Balaam, and Hardy participate in ACM Seminar

February 1, 2013

Mary Savina, Charles L. Denison Professor of Geology, Peter Balaam, Associate Professor of English, and Clara Hardy, Professor of Classical Languages, have been selected to participate with colleagues from Coe, Luther, St. Olaf, and Colorado Colleges in a seminar sponsored by the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) through its Seminars in Advanced Interdisciplinary Learning (SAIL) program.

The fifteen ACM participants in Mediterranean Trivium: Earth, Sea, and Culture will explore the interplay between humans and the natural world over time through study and an intensive, 11-day trip to Italy in summer 2013. Each college’s faculty team has outlined a multi-disciplinary curricular project to be developed through the seminar, such as creating new courses or course modules or adding interdisciplinary materials and depth to courses they currently teach.

The ACM’s five-year program of Seminars in Advanced Interdisciplinary Learning, funded by a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, supports faculty as they develop innovative, multi-disciplinary curricula for upper-level students.

Written by Dee Menning