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St. Clair Publishes Article on Estimating Animal Abundance

February 12, 2013


  • Katie St. Clair

Assistant professor of mathematics Katie St. Clair recently published an article, "A comparison of models using removal effort to estimate animal abundance," in the Journal of Applied Statistics. The co-authors on the paper are John Guidice (Minnesota DNR) and Eric Dunton (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service).

The article compares two types of models that could be used to estimate animal abundance based on data collected during a hunting season versus data collected from a study that uses removal sampling to gather information on an animal population. The two models differed in how they modeled the probability of removing an animal when variable amounts of effort were used in the removal process. The models were then used to estimate wild turkey abundance in Minnesota using the harvest and hunter counts collected during the collected by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources during the spring hunting season.

Written by Anna Versen '14