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Klassen Publishes on Idea of 'Total Love'

February 12, 2013

Julie Klassen, professor of German, Emerita, recently published an article, “'Do you actually love the Russians?’ The Concept of 'Total Love' as Narrative Strategy in Angela Krauß's Die Überfliegerin (1995)," in the Women in German Yearbook 28 (2012), 23-41. In the novel, Die Ueberfliegerin (High-Flying Woman, 1995), Angela Krauß’s narrator attempts to find her place in the post-Wall world of the United Germany. The novel reveals her strong connections to the people and places in her surroundings and her formative years. While her depictions of Russians avoid the monolithic stereotypes of her era, Krauß also does not fall into the trap of uncritical admiration. Rather, she recognizes the foibles and excesses, as well as the strengths and vulnerabilities of those she encounters, in other words, with the “thoughtfulness, exactness, and patience” she attributes to total love.

Written by Anna Versen '14