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PLEASE NOTE: This site is still being updated for 2014. This site will be fully updated on May 16, the date Mailing #1 will be mailed to students.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do those letters at the end of course descriptions mean?

Requirement Codes as indicated on each course description or in schedule of courses

Pertains to students matriculating Fall 2010 and thereafter:

  • AI = Argument and Inquiry Seminar (6 credits required)
  • ARP = Arts Practice (6 credits required)
  • FSR = Formal or Statistical Reasoning (6 credits required)
  • HI = Humanistic Inquiry (6 credits required)
  • IDS = Intercultural Domestic Studies (6 credits required)
  • IS = International Studies (6 credits required)
  • LA = Literary/Artistic Analysis (6 credits required)
  • LP = Language Proficiency, in a language other than English
  • LS = Science with Lab (6 credits required)
  • NE=No Exploration Credit
  • PE=Physical Education. (Four terms of physical education, all of which can be fulfilled by participation in approved club sports)
  • QRE = Quantitative Reasoning Encounter (3 courses required)
  • SI = Social Inquiry (6 credits required)
  • WR1=Designates the Writing Component of an AI Seminar
  • WR2 = Second Writing Rich Course (6 credits required)

Pertains to students who matriculated prior to Fall 2010 (see 2009-2010 Carleton College Catalog)

  • AL = Arts and Literature (12 credits required)
  • HU = Humanities (12 credits required)
  • SS = Social Sciences (18 credits required)
  • MS = Mathematics and Natural Sciences (18 credits required)
  • RAD = Recognition and Affirmation of Difference
  • WR = Writing Rich
  • ND=No Distribution Credit
  • Dean of the College Office, "Advising Handbook"
  • FAQ courtesy of Advising Handbook
  • Keywords: distribution requirements, HU, AL, SS, MS, ND

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