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What do I do if I need prescription medicines while I am at Carleton?

· You can fill your prescription medicines before coming to Carleton at your home pharmacy.

· You can have your health care provider write a prescription that you can fill at local Northfield Pharmacies

· You can make an appointment with one of the Nurse Practitioners at Student Health and Counseling to review your prescription needs.

· If you are on Adderall or other meds for ADHD you need to make an appointment with one of Student Health and Counseling staff members who can clear you to meet with our staff Psychiatrist. He will review your case and write prescriptions to be filled in Northfield. We request that you have your home provider send us dictation regarding your diagnosis/progress and treatment program before you make an appointment at Student Health and Counseling. Fax to: 507-222-5038. We find this very helpful with your care.

  • Rhonda Meyer, 15 June 2005
  • FAQ courtesy of Student Health and Counseling
  • Keywords: medication, prescription, pharmacies, pharmacyADHD, Adderall, Psychiatrist

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