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Can I get a refund if I withdraw, graduate or leave the college?

Balances less than $20 will be forfeited.

Refund requests are accepted when a student withdraws, or an employee terminates employment with the college. Refund checks are processed when:

(1) the account balance is $20.00 or more AND,
(2) there are no outstanding student charges with the Business Office, AND,
(3) a written request is submitted to Campus Services

Graduating seniors with a Schillers balance of $20.00 or more do not need to submit a written request and will be issued a refund check from the Business Office in July after graduation (minus any outstanding fees due the college).

  • Julia H. Burmesch, 5 August 2013
  • FAQ courtesy of OneCard
  • Keywords: refunds, refund, Schillers refunds, Schiller refund, Schiller refunds , OneCard refund

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