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PLEASE NOTE: This site is still being updated for 2014. This site will be fully updated on May 16, the date Mailing #1 will be mailed to students.

New Student Week Staff

New Student Week Staff:

  • Jessica VanZuilen, Administrative Assistant, Student Activities Office: (507) 222-4462
  • Lee Clark, Director, Student Activities Office: (507) 222-4462
  • TBD, NSW Program Assistant
  • TBD, NSW Program Assistant

New Student Week Leaders:

Check out our NSW Leaders and find out a bit of information about them by clicking their picture.


Anthony Cava, 2016

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Gisell Calderon, 2016
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Peter Centner, 2016
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Anthony Cava, 2016

Hi, I'm a Sophomore here, an avid chemist and programmer, and a member of the Men's Rugby team. If I'm not studying or sleeping, chances are I'm playing League with friends or at the gym. Not a whole lot to say, looking forward to welcoming the class of 2017. Oh, and go Oaks!

18 June 2013