Course Registration 101


  • You will pre-register from a list of courses recommended for new students, called Argument and Inquiry Seminars, by August 1st.
  • You'll register for the rest of your courses online August 11-22, 2014 (Transfer students: see Transfer section for your registration dates).
  • Your choices aren't final until you meet with your Liberal Arts Adviser on campus.

Here's a quick overview of what you'll be registering for as a new student, when and how.

Please note: The terms "Argument and Inquiry (A & I) Seminar Pre-Registration," and "Pre-Registration" are used interchangeably.

A & I Seminar

Each fall term, all first-year students must enroll in one (and only one) A & I Seminar. You tell us the FIVE you're most interested in, in no particular order of interest, by completing the Pre-Registration Form. We will do our best to place you into one of your choices - after the Aug 1st deadline, but before registration begins.  See the Pre-Registration Instructions for more information.

You'll complete the rest of your fall term registration online in mid August

You'll register online for 2 more academic courses, and can also add P.E., dance, music ensemble, and/or a music lesson if you wish.

Carls register in order of seniority: seniors first, first-year students last. The registration window for the Class of 2018 will be August 11-22, 2014, but your class will be further divided into sub-groups that register at different times within that range of dates. Your registration day will be found under the section "Am I Registration Ready?" on The Hub.

Won't have computer access during your assigned August registration date?

If you truly will not have access to a computer during your assigned registration period (for example, traveling in a remote location), you may fax us your desired schedule on the Class Schedule Selections Worksheet and we will register for you. Please note that using this method does NOT give you any higher priority or advantage over your classmates. You will not be registered any earlier.

By the time Fall term begins, you'll be registered for 3 academic courses

This is the typical academic course load at Carleton. You'll register for 3 courses each term (fall, winter, spring), for a total of 9 courses in your first year.

You can also add a physical education course, dance, music ensemble, and/or a music lesson in any term.

Start researching your options early

All available courses for 2014-2015 will be viewable on the Registrar's web site by late-May. You can get a head start on your registration decision by browsing the course listings and making notes about classes that appeal to you. For the most part, you should be only considering courses numbered in the 100s.

We also encourage you to explore the web sites of Carleton's Academic Departments and to view the Registration Questions to Consider and Placement Testing pages.

You can still make adjustments in September when you meet with your adviser

When you arrive on campus in September, you'll meet with a Liberal Arts Adviser, who will review your choices and discuss them with you in a one-on-one meeting. You can make changes to your registration after that meeting if you wish.