Argument and Inquiry Seminar Pre-Registration Instructions

The Argument and Inquiry (A & I) Seminar Pre-Registration Form, due by August 1, is your first opportunity to reserve a place in a Carleton College course—in advance of the regular registration in mid August. Argument and Inquiry Seminars are designed specifically with first-year students in mind, and are required.

Note: The terms "A & I Seminar" and "Pre-Registration" are used interchangeably.

Filling out the form is required. Successful completion of an A & I Seminar (which means you must earn at least a C-) is a graduation requirement.

What's Special About the Argument and Inquiry (A&I) Seminars?

Each fall term, the College offers over thirty 6-credit A&I seminars designed to introduce students to a liberal arts approach to learning and to develop the critical and creative skills they will need to thrive in academic work at Carleton.

Offered in many different subject areas across the curriculum, A&I courses share certain structural elements and a set of common goals. A&I courses are reserved for first-year students; they are small, discussion-based seminars, and carry the WR (writing rich) designation. Designed to foster students’ intellectual independence, these courses develop habits of critical thinking, clarify how scholars ask questions, and teach students how to find and evaluate information in reading and research and to use it effectively and ethically in constructing arguments.

Encouraging students to become collaborative learners and active members of Carleton’s learning and living community, A&I seminars are meant to strengthen students’ habits of cooperation with peers and offer opportunities and tools for critical reading, deliberative discussion, and effective college-level writing.

All the courses available for Fall 2014 are listed on the form; one of the options may need a little bit of explanation:

FOCUS Course

FOCUS, which stands for “Focusing on Cultivating Scientists,” is in its 8th year at Carleton.  FOCUS is designed for students interested in science and promoting diversity in the sciences. FOCUS supports students through their entry into the study of science/math at Carleton and as they continue in the curriculum by creating a cohort which enrolls in classes together (in so far as this makes sense), meets regularly in a colloquium throughout the first year, and has an opportunity for work study in the sciences.  Cohort activities continue throughout a student's four years at Carleton.

Click here for more information about the FOCUS program.