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PLEASE NOTE: This site is still being updated for 2014. This site will be fully updated on May 16, the date Mailing #1 will be mailed to students.

Information for Transfer Students

New Student Mailings and New Student Week at Carleton are designed to help orient all students new to the college, but in large part the mailings and the week have been organized around students making the transition from high school to college first-year students. For transfer students, not surprisingly, there are some important differences:

Special Events During New Student Week

During New Student Week (check the NSW schedule for date, time, and location), you'll get a chance to meet your academic adviser (Carol Rutz), the Registrar (Roger Lasley), and a class dean (Carleton assigns a dean to each class; sophomore class dean is Julie Thornton and junior class dean is Cathy Carlson) to get introduced to some of the idiosyncrasies of Carleton academic life and answer general questions you have at that time. You will also have an opportunity to meet individually with Roger to review how your transfer credits fit into Carleton requirements.

Language and Math Placement

The Language requirement is a proficiency requirement. This means that regardless of how many language courses you have taken elsewhere, you need to fulfill the language requirement at Carleton by passing a proficiency test. This takes a different form in different languages. All transfer students should be taking the online language placement test over the summer, just like new entry-level students. If your score is high enough online to justify confirming proficiency you will be required to take a confirmation test during New Student Week. If it has been some time since you last studied language and you are a bit rusty, it makes sense to brush up over the summer so that when you arrive on campus you can demonstrate your actual abilities in a language.

Some of you may also need to take the Carleton math placement test; for this follow the instructions on the placement testing page.

What transfer students can ignore

You'll be getting email prompts to sign up for an Argument and Inquiry Seminar, but these courses are reserved for students who have never been to college, so please ignore them and do not sign up for an A & I Seminar.

Registration - New transfer summer registration instructions:

Registration Help screens

All new Transfer students will register for Fall courses via The Hub. Access The Hub here or by clicking "The Hub" icon on the Registrar's homepage. Log in as yourself and access the "Student" menu. Help pages are available for some links within The Hub, including specific instructions regarding web registration functionality.

Your Registration Priority time 

Your Registration Priority time for fall term may be found by clicking on the "Am I Registration Ready?" link on The Hub. You will have five full days to complete your registration: August 5-9, 2013. You will be able to register and make changes to your registration during this time frame, but you must discuss your registration with your academic adviser prior to registering.

The Registration Process

We provide three different online views of the class schedule:

  • Search for Classes via ENROLL (updated hourly) is available via a link on The Hub or directly from the Registrar's homepage. It has some search capabilities not available through the Search for Sections (real time) page. For example, you can use it to view courses that count toward a specific curricular exploration requirement by using its key-word search functionality. It's also an easy way to view an entire department's or program's term offerings on a single scrollable page.
  • The 2013-14 Complete Schedule of Classes PDF (to be posted in mid May) is a static document. It provides an easy way to browse our course offerings for the entire year, but it is likely to contain dated information; use it to get a feeling for the variety of our course offerings and to get a sense for which courses are offered multiple times during the year and which are not. It provides course descriptions for new or updated courses that don't appear in last years catalog. You can access this PDF (and the catalog) via the Registrars homepage.
  • The Search for Sections (real time) link on The Hub allows you to select and view subsets of our course offerings; it provides the most current information on course offerings. It provides the same search functionality available to you via the Registration link but in a non-transactional mode.

Creating your preferred sections list

You can create your list of preferred sections prior to registration. Knowing the synonym numbers (the 5 digit number to the left of each class on ENROLL and the 2013-2014 Complete Schedule of Classes PDF or in parenthesis after the course number on Search for Sections) for your proposed classes and using the Express Registration option will speed up this process. Click on the Registration link on the Hub to access this and other registration options. Read the registration information on the New Student web site under August Registration for help making informed registration choices.

Meeting with your adviser

You will receive an email from your adviser sometime in late July or early August reminding you to think about your registration choices. Before you register, you and your adviser will find a time to discuss (via phone) your registration.


When it's time to register you can just use the "Register for previously selected sections" link and select your final choices from your preferred sections which are still open. Click on the Registration link on The Hub to access these and other registration screens. You are required to register for 18 credits of 6- or 3-credit courses and in addition many students register for PE activities, Music lessons and ensembles.

  • Read the registration information on the New Student Website.
  • Check The Hub for your placement scores (use the Test Summary link). If you don't see your AP or IB placement scores, that means we haven't received them yet; in that case, please ask the appropriate national office to release your scores to us.
  • You will notice that the courses are numbered in the 100s, 200s, and 300s. A few courses are part of a sequence and have prerequisites: language courses numbered 101, 102, 103, 204, and 205; and MATH 111, 121, and 211 (Calculus sequence). Courses numbered 100, with few exceptions (see above) have no prerequisites, and a course numbered 180 is no harder than a course numbered 112. Pre-requisites are usually indicated in the course description in the online catalog.
  • Enroll in no more than one laboratory course at a time without talking to your adviser. Generally, students enroll in two 5-week introductory physics classes back-to-back. Physics 131/151 or Physics 142/151 are equivalent to one lab course.

Seat availability

You can check available class seats prior to and during registration by clicking on Search for Sections (real time) or Search for Classes via ENROLL (updated hourly) on The Hub. During registration, Search for Sections and the registration screens will have current seat availability information; information in ENROLL is likely to become dated because it only refreshes on an hourly basis.


If there is a closed course you are very interested in, you can waitlist it during registration via the Registered for previously selected sections link in the hopes that a seat will open up for you when the fall term begins. You can also drop yourself from a waitlist or check your position on the waitlist via the Manage My Waitlist link from The Hub. You may waitlist for a course which conflicts with a registered course. You are not allowed to waitlist for multiple sections of a course or for another section of a course in which you are enrolled. To waitlist a closed lecture/zero-credit lab pair, waitlist the zero-credit lab only. A waitlisted course does not count toward the minimum of 18 credits you should be registered for when you complete your registration. You will be told more about how to register for a waitlisted course during New Student Week.

Technical problems

Should you have technical difficulties while using the web registration screens, the ITS Helpdesk (1-507-222-5999) is available to help you 7 days a week during certain hours.  Creating your preferred sections list and resolving any technical issues prior to registration should help ensure that your registration goes smoothly.

When you arrive on campus

During New Student Week, you will meet with your academic adviser, Carol Rutz, and have an opportunity to confirm your registration or make additional changes to it. After classes begin, registration changes including registering for waitlisted courses must be completed via a drop/add paper process beginning on the first day of classes.