• Carleton's special interest Wellstone House of Organization and Activism (WHOA) was featured in a September 25 Star Tribune article titled "Is there an activist in the house? You bet." The house is a living memorial to the late Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, a professor of political science at Carleton from 1969-1990. The house residents are committed to working for change in their community and world, not by following Wellstone's political agenda, but by trying to address issues that they feel are important. Carleton students and WHOA residents mentioned in the article included religion major Sarah Burks '06, Latin American studies major David Holman '06, political science/international relations major Muna Noor '06 and studio art major Dustin Yager '06. "A lot of freshmen don't think they can change things, but this gives them a place to show that activism can start right here at home, often in little communities," said Holman. Wellstone House also was featured in the October 22 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

  • Steven Schier

    Steven Schier, the Dorothy H. and Edward C. Congdon Professor of Political Science, was a guest on the FOXNews program "The O'Reilly Factor" on Monday, October 25. Schier also was a guest on the program on Monday, October 18. Schier discussed the current Presidential election polls and what they reveal about the state of the race.

  • Carleton's new wind turbine was featured in the October 22 issue of Science magazine. The story outlines Carleton's decision to produce wind energy, which came from a student initiative. Carleton's wind turbine started producing green energy this September. Richard Strong, director of facilities management and planning, was quoted in the story.

  • Norman Vig, professor emeritus of political science, was quoted in an October 19 Star Tribune article titled "The future of the planet: Which first - improvements or growth?" Vig said it's not unusual for presidents to take administrative action on environmental policies when they cannot convince Congress to pass legislation. "Bush has done a masterful job of keeping relatively quiet a lot of what he's doing and people don't have any idea what is actually going on," said Vig.

  • Carleton mentioned in Washington Post.

    October 17, 2004 at 8:47 am

    Carleton was mentioned in an October 17 Washington Post article titled "Search Begins for College-Bound 'Posse.' " In December, the Posse Foundation's Posse Program will extend to include students from the Washington, D.C., area. Carleton is one of 21 schools that participate in the Posse program.

  • Debran Rowland '85 wrote an opinion piece published in the October 15 issue of the Star Tribune. Titled "Debran Rowland: A believer in the right to choose," Rowland questions the role that religion and the church are playing in the 2004 election. The piece appeared just before she gave an address at Carleton as the Distinguished Woman Visitor. Rowland majored in English with a concentration in South Asian studies at Carleton.

  • Steven Schier, the Dorothy B. and Edward C. Congdon Professor of Political Science, was quoted in an October 14 Christian Science Monitor article about the hopes of great voter turnout at this November's election. According to certain clues like high viewership of the debates, the article explains, this promises to be a high-turnout election. "We have a ground game on each side like we've never seen before," said Schier.

  • Eric Hilleman, college archivist and coach of the Carleton quiz team, was featured in an October 5 Washington Post article titled "A: Quiz Bowl. Q: What do top game show players prize?" about the number of game show contestants who participate in quiz bowls. Hilleman, the advisor to Carleton's academic quiz team, has won $20,700 on "Jeopardy!" and served as a lifeline five times for contestants on "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" The story was picked up nationwide.

  • Abigale (Hanson) Shotwell '94 was featured in an October 5 Capital Times (Wisc.) article titled "Food artist specializes in sugar concoctions," about Shotwell's career as a food artist. "Although the tragic-comic nature of sugar informs my work, I am primarily entranced by the color, swirl, adrenaline, festival and naughtiness of sugar," said Shotwell. She majored in art history while at Carleton.

  • Steven Schier, the Dorothy H. and Edward C. Congdon Professor of Political Science, was quoted in an October 3 Winston-Salem Journal (N.C.) article titled "Edwards must get back in spotlight" regarding the low national media profile of Democrat vice presidential nominee John Edwards. "Edwards has to make some attacks, but that goes against his personality since he is not the best attack dog," said Schier. The story also was picked up by the Associated Press State and Local Wire.

  • Carleton is identified as one of the 50 top colleges for girls in the October issue of CosmoGirl! magazine. Colleges on the list were selected on the basis of six key factors including small class size, prominent female faculty members, strong women's sports programs, a career center that facilitates internship opportunities, opportunities to hold leadership positions in clubs and activities and an active alumni network.

  • Aminah Ricks '94 was featured in the October issue of Black Enterprise magazine in a travelogue article titled "Feeling at Home." The article highlighted Ricks' business, Il Regalo, which exports Deruta ceramics, Montefalco linens and gourmet foods from Umbria, Italy. She and a friend also have launched Il Regalo Tours, a travel service that offers visitors an intimate experience. "Since we live here in this Umbrian experience," said Ricks, "we aim to always share the best of [what] we live and know." Ricks majored in English at Carleton.