• Rachel Sterling '02 was featured in a January 10 article in the Lafayette (Ind.) Journal and Courier titled "New to the spotlight." The article highlighted Sterling's solo exhibition, titled "Conditional Measurements," of her prints, paintings and drawings at the local Tippacanoe Arts Federation. "The opportunity that TAF offers by trying to exhibit up-and-coming artists is really positive," said Sterling. Sterling was a studio art major at Carleton.

  • A series of documentary films about Northfield were featured in a January 7 Star Tribune article titled "Films put Northfield in focus." Carleton and St. Olaf were highlighted as among the Northfield businesses that are supporting the film project.

  • Steven Schier, the Dorothy H. and Edward C. Congdon Professor of Political Science, was quoted in a January 6 Mississippi Sun Herald article titled "Federal panel upholds GOP-led redistricting in Texas." "The goal here is to make one party the permanent majority party and the other the permanent minority party," said Schier. The article was picked up by The Miami Herald, Tulsa (Okla.) World, and the Knight Ridder Washington Bureau.

  • Steven Schier, the Dorothy H. and Edward C. Congdon Professor of Political Science, was quoted in a January 3 Saint Paul Pioneer Press article titled "The great partisan divide," that analyzed Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman's voting record. "Clearly, Norm Coleman is not going to upset his partisan base with a 98 percent presidential support rating," Schier said, "What he has to be concerned about is not being seen as a marionette."

  • Pamela Sukhum '93 was featured in a January 2 St. Cloud (Minn.) Times article titled "Big Apple is calling artist" that highlighted Sukhum's transition from being a medical researcher to becoming an artist. "The first time my paintbrush touched the canvas, I knew," said Sukhum about the transition. "It just felt so organic." Sukhum has been selected to show her work at the International Artexpo in New York. The article also was picked up by the Associate Press. Sukhum majored in biology at Carleton.

  • Michael Eng '07 quoted in Career World.

    January 1, 2004 at 3:32 pm

    Michael Eng '07 was quoted in a January 1 Career World article titled "Don't shy away from public speaking class," about the benefits associated with being a good public speaker. "Public speaking is not really a difficult skill to acquire, but it opens up so much," Eng said.

  • Heather Tomkins, librarian and humanities specialist, was featured in an article titled "Librarian trading cards" in the January 1 issue of American Library. The article profiled the Carleton library reference staff's used of trading cards identifying each librarian's subject specialities and contact information. Tomkins said that so far none of the cards have turned up on eBay.

  • Carleton was among the Minnesota colleges featured in the January 2004 issue of Mpls./St. Paul Magazine in an article titled "The Perfect College for the Perfect Kid." Dean of admissions Paul Thiboutot commented on Carleton's attractiveness to prospective students, "We have students from all 50 states and from all corners of the world, but you can be on trails in two minutes and see the stars at night. Some students think that's pretty neat."

  • Steven Schier, the Dorothy H. and Edward C. Congdon Professor of Political Science, was quoted in a December 29 article in the Star Tribune titled "Both parties focusing on, rather than taking for granted, their bases." Schier commented skeptically, "I think this talk about the base is overstated and simplistic...Any campaign concentrates both on the party's base and the swing voters. The idea you'd ignore one or the other is ridiculous."

  • Elizabeth Sudmeier '02 was featured in a December 27 article in the Worthington (Minn.) Daily Globe titled "Home for the holidays." The article highlighted Sudemeier's experience teaching at an American curriculum school in the Middle Eastern country of Bahrain. "My students are considered lower middle class. They're mostly doctors' and lawyers' kids, people who have to work for a living as opposed to the royalty," she says. "The kids, in some ways, tend to be more diligent." Sudmeier was a history major at Carleton.

  • Anne Umland '80 was featured in a December 26 New York Times article titled "Collaborating On the Future At the Modern." Umland was one of three new top curators appointed to oversee renovation and expansion of the Museum of Modern Art, scheduled to reopen next year. She's enjoying the collaboration which combines different personalities and skills. "I'm in the middle, a skeptical optimist, a hopeful pessimist," Umland said. The story was also in the December 31 issue of the International Herald Tribune. Umland was an art history and studio art major at Carleton.

  • Adipong Brickshawana '06 wrote a December 23 Bangkok Post article titled "Taking it one challenge at a time" about his experiences at Carleton. An international student from Thailand, Brickshawana found it challenging to adjust to the academic standards and different cultural attitudes. "My freshman year at Carleton was much like an exam: taking it one challenge at a time, with some fun along the way," Brickshawana said.