• An opinion piece by Norman Vig, the Winifred and Atherton Bean Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology, and Society titled "Bush and the Red Planet" appeared on the front page of the January 25 op/ed section of the Star Tribune. In the article, Vig focused on the importance of putting resources into environmental, rather than space, programs.

  • Carleton's involvement with a Northfield wind energy project was featured in a January 25 Star Tribune article titled "Northfield, MN: Turbine could generate cash for school." Richard Strong, director of facilities, commented on student support for a separate but related turbine project at Carleton.

  • Elizabeth Parke '03 was mentioned in a January 23 Burlington (Vt.) Free Press article titled "Cats loaded for another title shot," about the University of Vermont Nordic Ski team. An art history major at Carleton, Parke is working on a master's degree in history at the University of Vermont.

  • Steven Schier, the Dorothy H. and Edward C. Congdon Professor of Political Science, was quote a January 21 Christian Science Monitor article, titled "A race reshuffled," about the unexpected results of the Iowa caucus. "Dean has to finish in the top two in New Hampshire or he is done," said Schier.

  • Tanner Schieck '04 was featured in an Austin (Minn.) Daily Herald article titled "Hoops was a good choice for Scheick." The article highlighted Schieck's basketball career at Carleton, where he had just scored his 1,000th career point. "It's definitely an honor," Schieck said.

  • Debby Walser-Kuntz, assistant professor of biology, was featured in a January 17 Science News story in the "Of Note" section titled "This pollutant fights lupus." The item featured Walser-Kuntz' research on the relationship between pseudohormones and lupus.

  • Steven Schier, the Dorothy H. and Edward C. Congdon Professor of Political Science, was quoted in a January 15 Star Tribune article titled "So far, Johnson employs senatorial subtlety" about Minnesota senate majority leader Dean Johnson. "Johnson is more of an extrovert and a moderate, and that's a face DLFers have in short supply, and that may help them," said Schier.

  • Steven Schier, the Dorothy H. and Edward C. Congdon Professor of Political Science, was quoted in a January 15 Christian Science Monitor article titled "Caucus quandary: Iowans like them all." Schier commented, "Iowans are having a real tough time making a choice among these candidates."

  • William Woerhlin, the Laird Bell Professor Emeritus of History, was interviewed for a January 14 Star Tribune article titled "Classes keep senior minds active" about Northfield's Elder Collegium. "For older people, there's a sense that you've got to use your mind or you'll lose it," he said. Woehrlin is chair of the program's governing board. "

  • Gao Hong (music) featured in LA Times.

    January 11, 2004 at 10:25 am

    Gao Hong, performance activities coordinator in music and adjunct instructor in Chinese musical instruments, was featured in a January 11 story in the Los Angeles Times titled "Natural Soundscapes." "I've played with a jazz group or with Indian sitar or [Japanese] shakuhachi, sometimes even with an early music group," she said in the story. "I've tried everything, because I want people to get to know the pipa [Chinese lute]. You have to be open to other audiences."

  • Rachel Sterling '02 was featured in a January 10 article in the Lafayette (Ind.) Journal and Courier titled "New to the spotlight." The article highlighted Sterling's solo exhibition, titled "Conditional Measurements," of her prints, paintings and drawings at the local Tippacanoe Arts Federation. "The opportunity that TAF offers by trying to exhibit up-and-coming artists is really positive," said Sterling. Sterling was a studio art major at Carleton.

  • A series of documentary films about Northfield were featured in a January 7 Star Tribune article titled "Films put Northfield in focus." Carleton and St. Olaf were highlighted as among the Northfield businesses that are supporting the film project.