• Gao Hong, Lecturer in Chinese Musical Instruments

    Gao Hong, Lecturer in Chinese Musical Instruments, was elected to the McNally Smith College of Music, Board of Directors. She will provide guidance on international education and recruitment.

  • Dobrow Publishes Textbook in Probability

    November 4, 2013 at 9:28 pm

    Bob Dobrow, Professor of Mathematics, has published an undergraduate probability textbook, Probability with Applications and R, with Wiley Publishers.

  • Tun Myint

    Tun Myint, Assistant Professor of Political Science, gave a Colloquium Presentation entitled, “Polycentric Resilience: Why Did State-Building Exercises Fail in Myanmar/Burma?” on September 9 at the Ostrom Workshop in Bloomington, Indiana. The talk was based on Myint's chapter "Roots of Democracy in Burma," in Conversations with Tocqueville: The Global Democratic Revolution in the Twenty-First Century, ed. Aurelian Craiutu and Sheldon Gellar, 253–70 (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2009).

  • Jay Levi, Professor of SoAn

    Levi Publishes Two Book Chapters

    October 28, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    Jay Levi, Professor of Anthropology, recently published two book chapters: “Chicomoztoc, cuevas, agricultura, y el numero siete: siguiendo un hilo cosmogónico desde Mesoamerica al suroeste del Estados Unidos, a través de la Sierra Tarahumara” in Hilando al norte: nudos, redes, vestidos, textiles from Colegio de San Luis; and “Becoming Indigenous: Identity and Heterogeneity in a Global Movement” (with Biorn Maybury-Lewis) in Indigenous Peoples, Poverty, and Development from Cambridge University Press.

  • Steven Schier

    Steven Schier, Dorothy H. and Edward C. Congdon Professor of Political Science, and his co-author Raymond Tatalovich of Loyola University Chicago, have published an article, "Hamiltonianism, Progressivism and American Political Development" that appeared in The PEP Report (vol. 36, no. 1), issued by the Presidents and Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association.

  • Cathy Yandell

    Yandell Presents At Annual SCSC Conference

    October 26, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    Cathy Yandell, W.I. and Hulda F. Daniell Professor of French Literature, Language, and Culture, recently presented a paper, "The Polemical Body of the King in Ronsard's Discours des misères de ce temps" and organized several sessions on "Bodies Politic" and "Affect and the Emotions" at the annual Sixteenth Century Society Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on October 26.

  • Alison Kettering

    Alison Kettering, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Art History, presented a paper, "Rembrandt's Slaughtered Ox in the Louvre, an Occasion for Meditation," at the annual Sixteenth Century Society Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on October 26.

  • Yaron Klein, Assistant Professor of Arabic

    Yaron Klein, Assistant Professor of Arabic, performed on violin with Syrian oud virtuoso Essam Rafea, in the Essam Rafea's Encore Concert at the University of Minnesota on Friday, October 25. The concert included compositions by Rafea.

  • Gretchen Hofmeister, Professor of Chemistry

    Gretchen Hofmeister, Professor of Chemistry, has been awarded a Petroleum Research Fund (PRF) grant of $65,000 for her project “Transition State Analogues as Mechanistic Probes for Asymmetric Desymmetrization by Cinchona Alkaloid-Based Catalysts.” Hofmeister’s research aims to evaluate reactions and test computational models, enabling rational design of improved catalysts. Funding supports a total of eight undergraduate researchers over three summers and involves collaboration with Professors David Alberg and Daniela Kohen at Carleton, and Professor Keith Kuwata of Macalester College.

  • Matt Whited

    Matt Whited, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, co-authored a paper with colleagues at the University of Southern California and Universität Regensburg entitled "Photophysical Properties of Cyclometalated Pt(II) Complexes: Counterintuitive Blue Shift in Emission with an Expanded Ligand π system." The article, which appeared in Inorganic Chemistry, describes how unexpected quantum-mechanical effects can be utilized in the design of new materials for energy-efficient organic LEDs.

  • Dave Musicant, Professor of Computer Science

    Musicant Receives NSF Grant

    October 23, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    David Musicant, Professor of Computer Science, has been selected to receive a $250,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for an innovative pilot project: Educational Media to Advance Computer Science (EMACS), in conjunction with the Twin Cities Public Television and Dr. Siddika “Selcen” Guzey, Research Associate at STEM Education Center at the University of Minnesota.

    The project will create innovative videos and classroom activities to help teach computer science to high school students. By exploring how computer systems affect community infrastructure, the project aims to increase students’ awareness and understanding of real-world applications of computer science, and emphasizes the importance of computational thinking in everyday life. Working with traffic engineers at the City of Minneapolis’ Traffic Management Center and their newly-installed, state-of-the-art computerized system, the researchers will involve local youth in hands-on activities that model and simulate how traffic is managed in communities.

  • Aparna Ramaswamy II

    Ramaswamy Featured in the New York Times

    October 23, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    Aparna Ramaswamy, Carleton Class of 1997, who recently performed in New York City, was featured in The New York Times with raving reviews, which says she "lit up Pace University's Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts."

    The dance review titled, “Pleasing Deities, and the Eyes, With Storytelling Steps From India,” examines performances by four classical Indian dancers.   

    Ramaswamy, who is the co-artistic director, choreographer, and principal dancer of Ragamala Dance company in Minneapolis, “exuded a brisk, eager energy in her hourlong program, 'Sannidhi (Sacred Space),'" reviewer Siobhan Burke wrote. "Joined by four superb musicians, she gorgeously embodied the swooping violin; the plunking mridangam; the wailing, warbling vocals." 

    Ramaswamy had been named the 2011 Artist of the Year by the Star Tribune and awarded the prestigious McKnight Fellowship in 2012.