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The conference will typically have two concurrent sessions, and it is likely that you'll find one or more time periods where you don't have a session on interest to attend. During these times, you can take advantage of one-on-one help from Carleton staff.

Carleton attendees that aren't presenting during a particular session time period will be making themselves available for individual help on anything and everything related to Reason.

This is a great opportunity to chat about institutional specific problems, code that you are struggling with, page types or modules you don't understand, or whatever else. 

If you already know that you want one-on-one help with something, you may want to arrange it before the conference to make sure you can meet with the best person to help with your question.

Possible topics for a one-on-one

  • How to alter a page types dynamically in a template
  • How to integrate a jQuery plug-in into a single page
  • Migrating a page from the news module to the publications module
  • How to place a YouTube video on a page
  • ...anything else