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Discussion - Identifying Reason Pain Points

Nathan Breitenbach-Dirks, Carleton College

This session is intended to be an open discussion that identifies and prioritizes Reason "pain points." The goal of this session is not to suggest solutions or to brainstorm brand new features, but to identify frustrations in the existing Reason CMS UI / feature set.

A "pain point" may be one of the following:

  • Something you can do but the path to doing it is extremely inefficient.
  • Something it seems you should be able to do but cannot (because of a bug or because there is no way to do it).
  • Something you repeatedly do incorrectly and then have to fix.
  • Something that you find really annoying.

This session will begin with brainstorming of pain points as described by the audience. Once an initial list is established, the pain points will be discussed and ranked by consensus.

The session will result in a list of user identified pain points that the developers can take into consideration when prioritizing fixes and enhancements to Reason.