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Reason 4 Virtual Machine Released

July 20, 2007
By Nathan White

In order to make it easier to evaluate Reason, we have created a virtual machine with a pre-configured version of Reason 4 Beta 4.

We hope this method of distributing Reason will make it easier for those who would like to test out Reason without taking the time to install the package on existing hardware.

What you need

The virtual machine can be used with commercial VMware products, or the free VMware player. It has also been tested with VMware Fusion for Mac OS X.

About the virtual machine

The virtual machine is running Ubuntu Linux, and is configured with a self-signed certificate. Firefox is configured with a custom home page that will redirect to the Reason login page. To work properly, the virtual machine needs to be able to obtain an IP address via DHCP.

The virtual machine should only be used for testing and development purposes.

Update July 25th, 2007: We've identified a bug in the events feature of Reason that prevents events from being saved in the vmware image. We are working on a fix -- request a copy now to be sent a link when the fix is in place.

Request Reason 4 Virtual Machine

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