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A busy winter for Reason CMS

December 16, 2011
By Nathan White

It has been a busy winter for Reason CMS. On December 5 and 6, we held the first Reason hack/doc here at Carleton. We've also presented sessions featuring Reason CMS at both the HighEdWeb conference and at Case V. In February, we'll share Reason with Minnesota schools at GusDay 2012.


The Winter 2011 Hack/Doc brought together Reason coders and content creators from Carleton, Beloit, Luther, and Kalamazoo colleges. We spend two days tackling the bugs and interface issues that were identified during the Reason Pain Points session at our July conference. We also made significant headway on a new user focused documentation site that we hope to get up and running soon.

We created a fork of the main reason_package repository for the event, and everyone got up to speed on contributing to the project using git. We'll be integrating many of the changes from that fork into carleton/reason_package in time for the January release of Reason 4.1.

As a group, we decided we'll continue doing Hack/Doc events at least every year, and possibly twice a year.

Many thanks to all who participated.

Conference Presentations

Reason went head to head against Drupal and Wordpress in a session at HighEdWeb titled "The Ultimate Open Source CMS, A Cage Match." While a winner wasn't technically declared, it was clear from the twitter backchannel that Reason was the victor. You can check out the case for Reason CMS in this presentation file:

Beloit College presented a session called "Who Needs a Portal?" at the Case V conference in Chicago. They highlighted their inward focused Reason powered site, The Terrarium, which is also paying dividends for outside audiences by providing an insiders look at Beloit.

I'll be presenting a session at GusDay on Friday, February 3 called "Reason CMS Grows a Beard - Join Us." Reason is stable, mature, and ready for newcomers. At GusDay, I'll make the case why other schools should consider using Reason.

Happy holidays to all, and watch for Reason 4.1 in January.

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