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Reason 4.0 Beta 6 Available

January 22, 2008
By Nathan White

Reason 4.0 Beta 6 is now available.

This release works with PHP 4 and PHP 5, and is the first release that can be installed without code modifications in a Windows environment. Windows compatibility is considered experimental, and does require a Windows environment with PHP and Apache.

Other notable changes include:

  • New modules: Quotes, Classified, Other Publication News.
  • Form data administrative view supports row-level view, edit, and delete operations.
  • The publications framework has been updated with an enhanced administrative interface, and more user friendly searching and filtering capabilities.
  • jQuery is now distributed with Reason and used by the Quotes module.
  • Latest beta of Loki 2 WYSIWYG editor is included.
  • Significant fixes to administrative interface bugs that could cause problems with relationships that would show up on sites but could not be managed in the associator module.

Many minor changes have been made so that Reason can be run under PHP 5 in E_STRICT mode without warnings.

You can download the reason 4 beta 6 source online or request the virtual machine, a pre-configured install of Reason that can be run using VMWare player.

Developers who are interested in read access to the Reason subversion repository should contact Nathan White.

As always, for support please contact

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