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Here's a list of all the college committee and CSA Senate openings that we need to fill this fall:

College Committees

  • Academic Standing Committee (1 opening)
  • Admissions and Financial Aid Committee (2 openings)
  • CSA Budget Committee (4 openings)
  • Campus Design Advisory Committee (1 opening)
  • Carleton Responsible Investment Committee (1 opening)
  • College Council (2 openings)
  • Committee on Convocation and Common Conversation (2 openings)
  • Community, Equity and Diversity Initiative (1 opening-RECENTLY ADDED)
  • Dining Board (2 openings)
  • Education and Curriculum Committee (1 opening)
  • Education and Curriculum Committee Secretary (1 opening, PAID)
  • Environmental Advisory Committee (1 opening)
  • Library and Information Technology Committee (2 openings)
  • Judicial Hearing Board (4 openings-RECENTLY ADDED)
  • Safety Committee (1 opening)

CSA Openings

  • CSA Secretary (1 opening, PAID)
  • Class of 2015 Representative (1 opening, fall term only)
  • Class of 2016 Representative (2 openings, fall term only)
  • Class of 2018 Representative (1 opening)
  • Committee on Student Projects (3 openings)


To apply for the CSA Secretary position, fill out THIS application

To apply for Budget Committee, fill out THIS application.

To apply for Carleton Responsible Investment Committee, fill out THIS application.

FOR ALL OTHER POSITIONS, fill out THIS application!


Not sure what these positions entail?

Find more information here and here or email President Becca Giles (gilesb) with questions.



Senate meets Mondays at 7:00PM in the Weitz Center meeting room (236). All meetings are open; please come if you're interested! Email President Becca Giles (gilesb) to get on the Agenda, or if you have any questions.  

Budget Committee Information

Welcome to Carleton Student Association (CSA) Senate, your governing body. As an enrolled Carleton student, you are automatically a member of CSA, giving you certain rights and responsibilities. The students elected to Senate are here to serve you. Our goals are to advocate for student interests with other governing bodies on campus, improve your quality-of-life by offering services such as a textbook exchange, daily newspapers, and vending machines, and to allocate the annual student activity fee to student organizations on campus. Read Our Updates Online!

Check out the new Student Organization Handbook here.

To make a reservation for the CSA crepe machine, contact the Student Activities Office. Student Activities can be contacted at, x4462, or stopping in Sayles 160. Reservations are first come first serve

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  • Senate

    Information related to senate including structure, meeting minutes, members, elections and appointments, and much more.
  • Budget Committee

    Information about CSA funds, funding applications, and much more.
  • Student Organizations

    A list of student organizations, the student organization handbook, the group administration page, a charter request form, and much more can be found here.
  • Services

    The All Campus Email, Events Calendar, Textbook Exchange, and Cafe Fast are all services brought to you by CSA.
  • Comment Box

    A form for suggestions, comments or complaints.
  • Committee for Student Projects

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