Meeting Minutes

January 9th, 2006

  • Location: Sayles Hill 251
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Present: President C.J. Griffiths, Vice President Jim Watkins, Treasurer Laura Monn, Senators Alejandro Mendoza, Ben Egerman, Brittany Larson, Rivka Burstein-Stern, Wendy Noel, William Hyun, Evan Rowe, David Wiczer, Trevor Burnham, John Smith-Ricco, Scott Konzem, Katie Magoon, Tim Singer, Cherise Jones, Mathias Bell*, Associate Dean Joe Baggot, St. Olaf Liason Colin Halvorsen (* denotes tardy)
  • Absent: Senator Admire Kuchena
  • Secretary: Signe Swenson

Officer Reports

Griffiths reminded the Senators about 2 open seats on the Senate. He encouraged the Senators to recruit students for those positions and for Spring elections. Griffiths also shared progress with the one-card system. The Princeton Review is updating Carleton's entry. Watkins has been contacting people to form a committee to work with the Constitutional Review Board on issues of funding. Griffiths added that two student-at-large positions are open for CRB and Senators should recruit for that.

Dean Baggott shared with the Senators the Board of Trustees' request to have lunch with the CSA on February 3rd. He also shared information about anti-racism conversation circles that will be taking place on campus. They are being conducted on Saturday afternoons this term.

St. Olaf Liason

Colin Halvorsen is the new St. Olaf liason filling in for Vanessa Witt this January. St. Olaf is working on their election committee currently.

Election Committee and timeline

Griffiths explained what the committee would be doing and who is eligible as Senators to be on the committee. Senators made nominations and new members are Senators Brittany Larson, Katie Magoon, and Wendy Noel.

NY Times

Senators were asked to volunteer to set up the NY Times in Sayles. Senators did and filled the schedule.

Committee openings

Watkins reported that another Senator is needed for the ad hoc committee for easing the difficulties of spring allocations. The committee would work with student groups to help make spring allocations easier for those involved. Nominations were made and voting occurred and John Smith-Ricco was appointed to the committee.

Nominations were also made for the opening on Budget Committee. Those nominated explained why they would like to serve on budget committee. The senate voted and Will Huynh was appointed to Budget Committee.

Extended Library Hours

Senators discussed extending the library hours during midterm and finals. Senators raised issues such as student workers, security, potential hours, which days would be the best.

St. Olaf

Will Huynh spoke about having an intercampus website to improve intercampus relations. The website would have links to both campus's events and student groups. Senators provided feedback about the website, i.e. its usefulness, alternatives, and thoughts on purpose.

Senate was adjourned at 8:15.