Meeting Minutes

January 23rd, 2006

  • Location: Sayles Hill 251
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Present: President C.J. Griffiths, Vice President Jim Watkins, Treasurer Laura Monn, Senators Alejandro Mendoza, Scott Konzem, Evan Rowe, Wendy Noel, Brittany Larson, Ben Egerman, Rivka Burstein-Stern, Amanda Hess, Tim Singer, Will Huynh, Mathias Bell, David Wiczer, Trevor Burnham, Cherise Jones, Admire Kuchena, Dave Holman, Mathias Bell, John Smith-Ricco
  • Guests: 52 Carleton students at Call to Order
  • Secretary: Signe Swenson

Officer Reports

Griffiths reported about last week's College Council meeting. They decided to set up an emergency committee for possible emergency situations and they are looking for members. CRB is still looking for students. Petitions and platforms are due soon for the upcoming elections. Griffiths reminded the Senators about the size of the College and potential conflicts of interest and the option of abstaining from voting during Senate meetings. He also reminded them that the money Senate doles out is the students' money and they should be wary about the influence of non-students.

Watkins reported about the ad hoc committee about the CRB and the allocations process. They are having their first meeting this week.

Budget Committee

ASIA requested funding for their Lunar New Year celebration. Budget committee recommended $2075. Senate voted, and bid passed unanimously.

KRLX requested money for recording equipment and texts. Budget committee recommended a full bid. Senate voted and bid passed.

WARM Club requested funding for supplies to make soup. $30 bid passed.

The Carleton Forensics Society made a request for funding for their tournaments. Budget Committee recommended $3,300. Senators discussed tabling this issue. Senators voted, due to lack of representation at meeting, issue is tabled.

The Carleton Robotics team requested funding for a competition they are going to. Budget committee recommended $600. Senate voted and the bid passed.

Phase II requested funding to bring a comedy group to campus. Budget Committee recommended $2000. Senate voted and the bid passed unanimously.


The Lens applied for chartering but were tabled due to a wording issue on membership.

Lens Discussion

Griffiths opened the meeting up to general discussion. Griffiths also cleared up some parliamentary procedures. Motion was made to limit discussion to 30 minutes with a 60 second speaking cap. Motion did not pass (required 2/3). Motion was amended adding 5 minutes for the Lens to speak at the beginning. Motion passed.

Taylor Valore spoke on behalf of the Lens. He commented that the Lens is seeking to create a Carleton institution. He shared that the funding for the Lens does not take money away from Spring Concert or other events. Valore also pointed out that the Lens will not come back to the CSA asking for nearly this same amount of money again. He also broke down the funding, sharing that about $7000 would be going towards computers that would be accessible to other publications.

Discussion of the use of capital reserves occurred.

Brian Klaas began the speakers list by talking about presidence having to do with color printing and high costs of production. He also asked that the Senators reconsider the consitutionality of the funding.

Colin McLain asked the Senators to consider what else $20,000 could be spent on at Carleton.

Jim Watkins shared his sentiment about the fact that the computers should have been funded by ITS. He also reminded the Senate that their future funding requests are not set in stone.

Noel shared a petition started by students asking the Senate to recind their decision (136 signatures). Griffiths read the wording upon request.

Peter Fritz shared that he asked that the request be rescinded on the grounds that the Lens is focused externally and funding should be spent on campus.

Kate Knutson spoke on behalf of the Lens. She pointed out that there about 85 students on campus already involved and the have worked hard to get students involved.

John Smith-Ricco pointed out that the Lens sought out outside funding before requesting funding from CSA.

Members of the Lens shared that they have $17,500 secured from administration. They also secured 30% of funding from alumni and hope to again.

Brittany Larson asked the Lens to talk about the computers. Valore shared that the computers would be in the alternate publications office and can be accessed by persons involved in those publications.

Jake Titus asked Senators to be responsible for their actions and for students to be informed before a contentious issue comes for a vote.

Will Huynh expressed that he thinks the Senate is responsible to fund the Lens.

Trevor Burnham pointed out that 11 of 15 Senators at the last meeting voted to give funding to the Lens and that much of the uproar was caused by a heavily biased article in the Carletonian.

Scott Konzem spoke about the issue of funding the computers and spoke to the defense of the Lens needing their own computers.

Andy Navratil shared his disappointment in the amount of pessimism in the room at the meeting and asked Senators not to rescind their decision.

Cameron Nordholm reminded those in attendance that the Lens does not have a history and there is a precedence set to other groups.

Dave Holman reminded the group that the Cap Reserves should be split up into other smaller budgetary reserves and spent in smaller amounts.

A motion was made to extend the speakers list. Discussion occured. The motion was amended to extend to those who have not spoken. Voting occurred and motion passed.

Mathias Bell asked the Senate to rescind their decision because the Senate was unprepared and students were uninformed.

Anna Duchon spoke to clear up issues pertaining to funding going off campus and its effect on Carleton Students.

Rivka Burstein-Stern said that she would like to be responsive to what students want.

Charlie Sweitzer spoke about funding the Lens as a capital expenditure and it is an excellent investment for Carleton.

Eunice Ajambo asked students to rise to the level of excellence of that of the Lens.

The end of the speakers list was reached. Senator Holman made a motion to rescind the allocation made last week and send the request back to Budget Committee. Motion was made to discuss. Noel asked that the motion be amended for an ad hoc committee to address this request. Decision was made to postpone committee discussion until after vote on rescinding. Discussion of voting ethics occurred. Discussion on role of Budget Committee occurred. Griffiths noted that Budget Committee would be involved regardless.

Senator Egerman shared that no new information was shared that would require the Senate to rescind their decision. Motion was made to call into question. Voting occurred and motion passed.

Voting took place on the motion to rescind. Because previous notice was given, only simple majority required to rescind:

Watkins: Yes
Jones: Yes
Smith-Ricco: No
Magoon: Yes
Egerman: No
Noel: Yes
Larson: Yes
Burstein-Stern: Yes
Hess: Yes
Rowe: Yes
Singer: Yes
Kuchena: Yes
Huynh: Yes
Burnham: No
Konzem: No
Wiczer: No
Bell: Yes
Holman: Yes
Mendoza: Abstain
Monn: Abstain

Yes: 13
No: 5
Abstain: 2

Motion passed, budget allocation rescinded.

Watkins motioned to form an ad hoc committee on the issue.

5 minute recess

Watkins rescinded his motion to form an ad hoc committee on the issue. Egerman made a motion for a General Meeting of the CSA. Discussion of this motion occurred. Senators pointed out that there is a likelihood that it will end in an up or down vote, not a compromise or other desirous decision. The motion was amended to be contingent on budget committee presenting viable options for funding. Motion was made to call to question. Voting occurred and motion failed.

Discussion of procedure occurred. Senators also discussed possible action to be taken. Discussion occurred about an ad hoc committee. Motion was made to form an ad hoc committee consisting of Senators and budget committee members. The motion was not seconded and discussion occurred. Motion was made to send it back to Budget Committee, seconded. The first motion was seconded and then rescinded.

All those interested in assisting with the Lens' next budget request were to meet with Noel after adjournment.

Motion was made to adjourn and passed.