Meeting Minutes

May 28th, 2007

  • Location: Sayles Hill 251
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Present: President Tim Singer, Vice President Peter Fritz, Treasurer Rebecca Bartram, Senators Marshall McDonald, Elizabeth Gray, Kenley Jackson, Tim Foran, Liv Killeen, Aleks Stoller, Alex Popper, Evan Rowe, Kelly Carlin, Brandon Walker, Love Anani, Marquita Davis
  • Guests: Dean Joe Baggott, Andy Navritil, Peter Antonov
  • Secretary: Signe Swenson

President Singer outlined the agenda for the evening.

Fritz presented the Astronomy Clubs charter application. Their charter was approved by committee and then voted on and approved by CSA.

Fritz also spoke about the soda vending machine contracts and shared the differences between Coke and Pepsi. They have a new account manager and proposed some changes. They propose to move the CSA commission down from 60% to 40 to 30%. They would then decrease 5% over the next 7 years. Their estimates were originally based on amounts larger than is sold at Carleton. Pepsi is experiencing higher costs due to transportation costs and petroleum byproducts. 60% is not profitable for Pepsi. They also want exclusivity and American Bottling Company would no longer be allowed on campus. Fritz stated that this is pretty standard for soda companies.

Fritz noted this doesn't sound good but there are some good things. They are raising the prices and are willing to invest $10,000 in new equipment (OneCard capabilities and Vending Misers). They are also suggesting glass front machines to stock more varieties of cans and bottles.

They chose the top 6 locations and eliminated Laird and Leighton for the one card locations if the contract is accepted.

Gray asked if they are doing all this renegotiation with Pepsi, why not look at CocaCola as they made more money with them before? Fritz shared it could be done but it is easier to stick with Pepsi. Davis asked how long the contract would be. Fritz shared that it is a 7 year contract. Stoller reminded senators of issues with CocaCola. Davis pointed out that Pepsi is probably not a clean company either. Navritil noted that American Bottling Company was chosen because it was a clean company when Senators chose to switch to Coke and that eliminating them from the scenario isn't great either. Carlin asked what Senators should do tonight and Fritz stated that to do OneCard things they would need to do it over the summer and delaying a decision would delay this action.

Gray pointed out that Laird is a central location and that students from the CMC and the libe use those vending machines. Fritz shared that the OneCard readers would be provided by Pepsi but CSA would pay for the wiring and network connections. Fritz stated he would prefer some action now by Senators and if they do absolutely nothing some machines may be removed from campus.

Rowe made the motion to direct the Vice President and Treasurer to solicit new bids from other vending companies. Fritz stated that because of the political issues regarding Coke it wouldn't be best to leave it until the fall. Anani stated that because Coke is on the Darfur divestment list CSA should not go back to them. Popper asked if CSA is getting screwed by Pepsi. Fritz stated that Dan Burgeson doesn't think so. Baggott suggested asking for a contract for less time and recommended 3 years. Antonov pointed out that soliciting bids would help CSA bargain with Pepsi. Gray suggested that CSA demand Pepsi to allow ABC as they are a decent company and it would provide a variety of sodas. Rowe stated that CSA hasn't notified students about the new contract and they should explore alternatives. Fritz stated that if the decision is left until the Fall it will take more time and if Senators are okay with that, Senators can vote as such. Voting occurred on Rowe's motion and the motion passed.

Needblind Admissions

Navritil shared that they got 596 signatures on the petition for Carleton to have entirely need-blind admissions. He read a resolution to Senators for consideration. The resolution noted student support and stated that CSA recommend to the trustees and Admissions that Carleton be need blind. Anani asked if they could note that Carleton was need-blind in the past. The resolution also noted that Carleton considers themselves need-blind but are actually need-sensitive. Senators voted and approved the resolution with the suggested amendments.


Singer opened a discussion on the term projects for Spring and asked for feedback about the speakers from this past term. Anani shared that he thought 3 term projects were a good idea but nothing was really resolved. The Carbon Neutrality project was resolved but it wasn't Senate's idea. Rowe and Anani noted there wasn't much publicity for the projects and communication was an issue. Davis suggested a review of the budget committee projects. Gray suggested a paid position for a student to run the CSA website.

Bartram suggested moving to 2 projects. Stoller noted that there was poor attendance for project meetings. Anani suggested staying with 3 as then the committees are too large. Rowe stated that projects that people are really interested in will have the best success rate. Jackson stated that senators are really quick to discredit what they have done this past term and not continuing the projects would lose the information they have gathered. Jackson also pointed out that the Sustainability Revolving fund was good because it involved students outside of CSA. Davis noted that the projects inform senators but the committees weren't necessarily motivated to act.

Singer noted that all the speakers from this past term came to inform Senators and then Senators should share that information to students. Anani shared he enjoyed the speakers and the information shared was very relevant. Davis pointed to the Admissions presentation as a great example of information motivative students. Gray stated that the success of the Senate this term can be attributed to President Singer's efforts. Davis shared she will be a New Student Week Leader and will be leading an information session about CSA and asked others to help out. Gray suggested publishing the minutes in paper form.

Singer shared that his approach is different from former President Watkins. He attempted to be as democratic as possible but retain control and optimize communication. He also noted that Senators were very successful and improved publicity and they should be proud of their accomplishments this term.